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Counseling Techniques and Feedback

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Explain your thoughts, ideas, and/or reactions related to student feelings regarding the opportunity to demonstrate counseling techniques and skills for the i Instructor. Then, consider the similarities between a student counselor's feelings and the way a new client may feel about receiving feedback in a counseling session. Please include and introduction and a summary conclusion.

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This solution examines the siimilarities betwee a student's counselor and new client feelings regarding feedback. This solution is 650 words with four APA references and in-text citations.

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Research suggests that individuals respond differently to requests from different people depending on the social demands, pressures, judgments and expectations from others (Plotnik, 1993). When viewed from this perspective, it may be surmised that student counselors' feelings toward their instructors are associated with what they expect to achieve from the instructor (e.g., ratings, grade, etc.). On the other hand, they may resist receiving expert advice if their personal views or abilities are not considered. Resistance is a psychoanalytic term used to characterize a patient's reluctance to work through feelings or unconscious conflicts. For instance, a patient's feelings toward his or her clinician may be expressed in forms of resistance that range from canceled appointments to a criticism of the analyst. However, the research also indicates that resistance can take place in the context of supervisor/supervisee relationships. The similarities between student feelings toward an instructor and the client's feelings toward his therapist or counselor will be examined from this perspective.

Ladany, Friedlander, & Nelson (2005) suggest novices are aware of the differences between a therapeutic relationship and other relationships. For instance, during this phase of their development supervisees are ...

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