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    Case Simulation/ACA and APA codes

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    1. Let's say that it is a small department (i.e., only 3 faculty members) and Maria is in her last year of the program. If she were to transfer to another school and program it will take a year to interview and only half of her credits will transfer. In addition, Dr. Perry teaches the Practicum and Internship class and those are Maria's remaining classes. What would you suggest Maria do?

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    I would suggest Maria confront the psychologist with intentions to report this behavior, or report the psychologist's behavior to his administrator or chair. Although, she willingly entered into this relationship, the relationship is a clear violation of the APA ethical standards for the conduct of psychologists.

    APA Standard 7.07 clearly states that that "Psychologists do ...

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    This solution discusses a case simulation and the applicaiton of APA and ACA codes.