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Is addiction a disease or a choice?

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Is addiction a disease or a choice? Support your position with critical thinking and research analysis skills learned in this course and provide citations where applicable.

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1. Is addiction a disease or a choice?

Both APA and AMA argue the disease concept of addiction, while a few researchers argue it is simply a choice (Mission, n.d.). It seems that the evidence is piling up to suggest it is a disease, not a choice.

However, addiction seems to have both components but once in the grips of addiction it is a disease that needs professional intervention, but there was a choice to start to use initially. However, once addicted, one can also choose to take the first drink (or other addiction) or to stop and abstain, but for the former, the disease seems to take over and people find themselves in blackouts, and days of drinking that they cannot remember. Abstinence seems to be the only answer for recovery from chronic alcoholism. Even gamblers find that if they go back gambling after a period of abstinence, they eventually seem to lose the ability to make a choice to stop and the ...

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The disease concept of addiction is presented. References are also provided to justify the assertions.