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    Opioid Overdose

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    QUESTION: What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem? Why?
    Please I need help with the question above in essay form in 650 words and the single most important societal problem of my choice is OPIUM OVERDOSE AND WHY I CONSIDER IT TO BE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SOCIETAL PROBLEM?

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    The societal problem of Opium Overdose is increasing rapidly in the United States. Although it is not as popular as other recreational drugs, it is a highly addictive drug that is readily available in our society. Surprisingly, many opium overdose cases are accidental as opioids are often misused.
    "Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illicit drug heroin as well as the licit prescription pain relievers oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, fentanyl and others (ASAM, 2016)." When misused, these drugs can cause circulatory problems, heart problems, coma, and even death. Opium is usually smoked, snorted, or eaten, while derivatives of opium such as heroin, are injected directly into the veins. All opiate users have a higher chance of overdosing when taking their drugs intravenously. Most overdoses occur in needle users who accidentally inject too much opium/heroin into their bodies.

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    This solution describes the prevalence and dangers of Opioid Overdose in our society.