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    Herapin as a High-Alert Medication

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    Discuss why heparin is identified as a high-alert medication by the Institute for Safe Medical Practice. You must search the internet, find a case with a bad outcome as a result of a medication error involving heparin, and write a synopsis about the case. Include how this error could have been prevented.

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    Misuse of the drug Heparin, a blood thinner, has resulted in several lawsuits. Please access this link to read a very sad article involving the death of a 23-month old baby who died as a result of accidently receiving a deadly overdose of this drug.


    The overdose was a direct mistake on the part of the hospital. The 23 month old child was very ill and in in need of multiple transplants, including a liver and kidney. Her parents felt confident about the reputation of the hospital and their ability to conduct organ transplant surgeries. By the negligence of the ...

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