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Conflicts of interest within the Golden Rule

The following question was posed in reference to behavior that deviates from that of the Golden Rule: many of the most bigoted people in the South during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's were deeply religious people. How do they reconcile this type of behavior with the Golden Rule?

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The Golden Rule explains that one should treat others as one would like to be treated. One critical element of the Golden Rule is that an individual should be indifferent to race and culture. However, personal values, needs, and desires may lead to conflicting interests in regards the Golden Rule. For example, a religious individual's behavior may deviate from that which coincides with that of the Golden Rule if the individual feels as if his or her way of ...

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This solution provides an explanation of situations and motives that may persuade individuals to act in a manner that does not coincide with the Golden Rule even when such individuals state that their actions and decisions generally reflect the Golden Rule.