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    Applying Social Psychological Research to the Problem of HIV/AIDS

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    Describe the social problem, such as the spread of HIV, obesity, domestic violence, or global warming. Describe the basic study you found that pertains to the problem, and the conclusions of the study. Then, propose a new study that would apply the findings from the basic study to the social problem you are examining. Identify the independent and dependent variables of the proposed study and describe its design. Also identify any potential ethical issues that may be involved.

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    Social Psychological Research
    Social psychology is a scientific study of how an individual's thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the environment in which they live in. This empirical science usually attempts to answer questions about the human behavior by testing hypothesis, both in the laboratory and in the diverse fields in the society (Research Methods, 2011).
    Psychologists always put to use different scientific methods to undertake certain research in the society. These methods allow the researchers to test the hypothesis that has been put in place to identify the relationship that exists between the two variables. The best type of research to adopt is largely dependent on the matter the researcher is exploring, the resources available and the theory being investigated.
    Description of HIV as the social problem
    A social problem is a harmful condition that has been induced in any segment of the population. The social problem violates the norms and values that are found in the society. There are different types of social problems that affect us in the society today. These social problems are classified according to the condition that they are made to occur. They include the following; Norm violation and social conditions. HIV is a very dangerous disease that has caused a lot of problems tot the people in the word. The main cause for the spread is ignorance and an uninformed population (The Journal, 2011).
    Description of the basic study I found on HIV,
    The Impact of HIV on ...

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