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Source of development of stereotypes

Are these statements true? If so, please briefly elaborate on them individually.

1) There are many "causes" to the development of stereotypes. It can be a past experience (both positive and negative), over generalized notions and hear say (especially from a parent or loved one). Stereotypes affect many different aspects of our lives. We may be negative to someone or pass judgment before an act or justification can be made. Experiences can be lost due to avoidance of a particular group or persons

2) Stereotypes take the individuality out of humanity. It is not fair to take on another person's burdens or receive credit for someone else's skill or talent. One of the greatest adventures in life is forging your own identity and opinions of the world. Stereotypes deprive us all of this experience.

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1) Source of development of stereotypes seem to be media and family based to me. They can also derive from past experiences, both positive and negative, overgeneralized notions and hear- say, especially ...

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Sources of development for stereotypes are briefly discussed from a personal vantage point.