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    Theory of Counseling or Psychotherapy

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    Summarize your personal theory of counseling or psychotherapy.Structure the assignment to the following key questions or areas:

    What is your basic view of human nature?

    What key factors account for changes in behavior?

    Describe the nature of the therapist-client relationship and its relative importance.

    Describe the key functions and role of the therapist.

    Describe the key goals of therapy.

    Note particular techniques and procedures of your approach.

    Note specific populations or client issues best suited for this approach, as well as those least suited for this approach.

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    (a) What is your basic view of human nature?

    A basic view of human nature that emphasizes each individual's freedom and direction in his or her life; and the potential for achieving personal growth is based on a humanistic approach such as the person-centered approach (Rogers, 1980). The person-centered approach emphasizes self-concept and appositive view of human nature. Self-concept is an important aspect of the individual's personality and propensity for growth. Rogers based this approach on caring relationships and a philosophy of life that included: (a) emphasis on striving toward a goal, (b) acceptance of critical issues in life, (c) the worth and dignity of the individual, and (d) the ability of one to chart his or her course in life. A positive view of human nature based on this approach focuses on motivating drives and human potential and meaning in life. In addition, the approach underscores a collaborative relationship between the client and counselor.

    (b) What key factors account for changes in behavior?

    The person-centered approach is focused on the constructive view of human nature. The key concepts in the person-centered approach to human nature include a basic sense of trust in the client's ability to move forward constructively. Rogers (1980) emphasized a position by the therapist to ...

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    This soluton describes a personal theory of counseling or psychotherapy. Basic views of human nature and factors that account for changes in behavior are discussed. 789 words with 4 references.