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Obedience to Authority: Reaction to Milgram's Study

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Milgramâ??s obedience experiments shed a shocking and uncomfortable light on what extent people will follow orders. Consequently, the experimenterâ??s perceive authority evidently was a strong influence on the participants.

How true are these statements? Please briefly elaborate your opinions on each the statements you have answered.

1). Does this tell us a couple things about humans? First is that we are, in general, conditioned to respond to authority and secondly that it goes back to how we were raised to listen to our parents and elders.

2). Does it seems like the participants were simply doing what they were told?


3). Does this make you wonder how many of them, though they may have felt genuine remorse, use that as an excuse to justify their behavior?

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1). To me, this experiment offers strong but shocking insight about humans and our conditioning responses to authority figures, even evil ones. Perhaps it does also reflect to how we listened and obeyed our parents and ...

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Using the the Milgram's study as a lens, this solution discusses issues related to obedience to authority.

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