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Peer pressure statements

Are these statements true? If so, please briefly elaborate on them individually. Preferably, personal opinions would be preferred.

1) As adults, we have hopefully learned to analyze the opinions of others before adopting their beliefs to our own. Like adults, they want to be accepted. If the personality of the child is one that will conform, peer pressure is a valid concern for a parent. These personalities tend to be swayed into changing their actions or beliefs to fit the crowd.

2) Education will help arm children against the forces of the crowd. The pull to belong to a group can be very strong for many children, and even adults. Helping children recognize that following the popular action is not, always the best choice will give them a standing to defend themselves against the pressure to belong to the group and do what they are doing.

3) Having a firm understanding of what are the familial values and expectations will aids in the child fending off the taunts to join in the â??funâ??. If they know what their family and parents expect, the understanding of right and wrong is typically understood.

4) Children need to develop a self confidence to be able to tell their friends no and why they do not want to. As guardians and adultâ??s in their lives, it is our responsibility to help them understand that if these â??friendsâ?? are trying to get them to do things that are making them uncomfortable and/or contrary to their belief system, then they are not real â??friendsâ??.

5) Most of all, we need to make sure they are always able to talk to us. Making mistakes is part of life and we cannot judge them for partaking of a fact of life.

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1) Yes, I do strongly concur that most adults have hopefully learned to analyze the opinions of others before adopting their beliefs to our own. As Americans, in particular, I feel that we are taught to express our own individualities and freedoms in our manner of dress/fashion, political beliefs, music, art, etc.

Kids, too, crave acceptance. I do feel like conformity is an issue for all parents to be aware of and to discuss with their kids in order to be proactive against peer pressure dangers because many kids are passive and followers by nature.

2) Yes, I see education as such a critical force to "arm children" and combat them into feeling empowered as individuals, not just a face or sheep in the crowd. Although education does a lot to ...

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