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Supply Chain of a bookstore

I am trying to write a short essay approximately 350-400 words describing the supply chain of a bookstore. I need to include from the very start, before paper is made. What is the process from tree, to paper, to author idea, publisher, printing, etc.... I just need a brief description, for a better understanding. Please if p

Business Literature is examined.

This posting focuses on how work offers unique topics as the subject of literature and the relationship between literature and work in the poems: POEM# 1 Me and My Work by Maya Angelou I got a piece of a job on the waterfront. Three days ain't hardly a grind. It buys some beans and collard greens And pays the rent o

Literary Theories Relationships

These questions are examined: 1.) How do essays on human relationships in the workplace contribute to the development of well-informed, critical-thinking adults? 2.) Examine and briefly evaluate "From Man to Boy" by John R. Coleman and use one of the literary theories below for your evaluation.

Organizational Communications is emphasized through a discussion of conflict.

Q1. What role can conflict play in the development of a team? In your opinion, does conflict make the team more or less cohesive? Explain. Q2. Compare and contrast types of teams used in your current organization and/or an organization that you have been a part of in the past. Why were these types of teams effective or i


Please provide a full explanation including examples, and a conclusion that sums up and shows the significance of each of these concepts in literature. Please provide references if any are used. Allusion Connotation Denotation Figurative language Simile Metaphor Symbol Hyperbole Irony Sa

Arguments are explained.

This posting discusses the difference between an unsound argument and an invalid argument. It gives an example of each.

APA Format is documented.

I am using the APA format for my research paper. Since the APA format does not have footnotes, I will be doing in text citations. The book that I am required to use as a reference is a compilation of many writers' essays. The book does not have a specific author; however, it has three editors. I will be making citations from the

Classic management activities are given.

Classic management activities are given under the scenario: You're working as a process consultant with a client who has seen too many good strategies fail once they got to the implementation stage. You decide that the client needs an overview of how classic management activities - planning, organizing, controlling, and leadi

A writing style analysis is given.

This posting defines the literary term used when the writer switches charactrers every chapter and has around five different characters and always speaks in first person.

Interpretation & imaging

PART ONE I need enough assistance/guidance to do a two page response to the following: Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Young Goodman Brown" I can't determine which of these interpretations makes the most sense. I also need help understanding why. ? Is Young Goodman Brown's journey into the forest an evil dream (perhaps inspired by t

Observation journal of human behavior

Observe human behavior and their interactions. Human behavior differ sfrom place to place and from time to another. To analyze human behavior I have picked 3 bounderies. A mall place, a THEATRE place, and a barbershop. I can see a big diffrence among these 3 bounderies. How people act in these 3 different places? What differ


Confused with these 2 questions. Write two sentences using each of the words or phrases listed. Watch punctuation usage: for and nor but or yet so Write two sentences each, one starting with the word or phrase, and one ending with the word or phrase. Watch punctuation. Since Although When or Whi

Problematic Phenomena Exercise

We experience many problematic phenomena every day: cranky co- workers, unreasonable bosses, and paperwork. The exercise will help you analyze the causes of a problematic result or effect on the job or at home. What you would call this phenomenon, (for example, "excessive paperwork," stress," or "weird co-workers')? In no

Definition Development Writing

Need help writing 2 paragraphs for this question. (Definition Development) 1.Look around your office or house and pick an object that is common but special to you.

Orwell's Style - Expository Strategy

Politics and the English Language George Orwell (editor's note: Please be careful with this text--Orwell [Blair] had just finished collaborating with the B.B.C. against fascists in India in World War II, and wrote this text in part to justify the work his journalism had done--for the Empire. Unlike his work with the PMRC

Writing a Critical Review

Although I have written a great deal of papers, I have never written a critique of someone elses views on a particular piece of literature. I surmise that it must be type of report; unfortunately, my professors have not explained in detail what these are like. I have three of this type of paper due next week: one is a two pag