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Analyzing Credibility

Look at video at www.wendys.com/ads/ and answer following questions: Who paid for each example to be created? Can you detect a slant - that is, a secondary opinion conveyed by the examples' creators? What does each example reflect about society at large? Is it credible? You think people would be skeptical of the sources'

Argument Credibility

Find a link to an online video or print news and select a story in which claims are made and note the story title and source name. Answer the following questions for this link. What claim are being made? Do the claim conflict with someone's personal observations? What background information do you have about the claim? Wha

Correlation of Credibility and Websites

What web sites do people normally visit? Are these web sites credible? when is credible more important and when is it less important? Support the answer with specific examples. What questions might you ask in order to determine credibility of online resources?

Expository Organization

Www.artofcookery.com/settingthetable.htm www.womenshisotry.about.com/library/weekly/aa062899.htm What characteristics make these essays expository? Identify the type of organization each author used to develop the essay (topic, time, order, space order or informative process) Why do you think each author chose that t

Communications Media Analysis Worksheet

1. What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a. Sending a short report to a co-worker b. Placing an order with a supplier c. Sending the results of a medical test to a doctor's office d. Providing the agenda to attendees in advance of a meeting e. Sending an assignment to an i

Essay on ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Topics covered are living in an earth friendly matter, conserving the environment, sustaining the well being of local people, the World Tourism Organization, TravelGreen, Ecotourism Association, Ecoventura, and Smart Voyager.

Essay on ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Topics covered are living in an earth friendly matter, conserving the environment, sustaining the well being of local people, the World Tourism Organization, TravelGreen, Ecotourism Association, Ecoventura, and Smart Voyager.

Coach a subordinate in your organization to write a report OR memo

SCENARIO: There's a knock at your office door. You look up and see one of your employees standing there with a stack of papers in her hand. She's been working for you for about six weeks now. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" "No problem. Come on in." She enters and offers you the papers in her hand. "I need help. I'm wor

Analyzing the Logic of Syllogisms

3. Some sticky substances are yucky things. All taffy is a sticky substance. Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing. 4. All items made of gold are expensive items. Some rings are items made of gold. Therefore, some rings are expensive items. 5. All flies are winged creatures. All

Peer feedback is discussed.

You have been asked by a classmate to critique her work for her before she submits it for a grade. You aren't very sure of how to critique a work, so you decide to do some research beforehand. In your research you decide to find the following: How would you best go about providing a critique to your classmate? What type of

Business Proposal

A solicited or unsolicited proposal of no more than three pages offering a product or service. Situation: You are an owner of a small service or manufacturing corporation which can produce better quality goods or services at equal or lower prices than your competition. You've located a potential customer. Your customer

Tips for Dealing with Stages Fright

Please explain to me what are some of the most common cause, and how to cope, with speech anxiety, or stage fright. I have understand why people have communication apprehension , speech anxiety, and stage fright.

Emotionally Detached Situations

Why do you think one needs to be emotionally detached? Why does one need to be emotionally detached? One needs to be fully emotionally detached in order to maintain a healthy life. ? To overcome challenges and fear in life (detail) ? To alleviate stress (detail)

Hawthorne help

Assignment: Pick one of the Hawthorne stories we covered and one of the O'Connor stories we will cover and compare/contrast them in terms of the representation of evil OR the theme of religious hypocrisy. Hawthorne stories are: Young Goodman Brown, The Ministers Black Veil, and The Birthmark. O'Connor stories are: A Good

International Business Memo Writing

Potential audience: President, C&C Industries. Assume that your employer will soon begin doing business in a specific foreign country and that 25 employees, including you, may be transferred there. Read one or more articles on that country from recent newspapers or magazines, or from other sources, especially online. Descr

Professional Writing in the Disciplines: Business Communications

Write a letter recommending (persuading the reader to adopt) a course of action to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity in your workplace. Apply appropriate techniques to make your recommendation persuasive, including online research information. Use any letter format in your text.

Comparing Narrative in Fiction and Nonfiction

One fictional story and one essay is selected.compare, and contrast how they use narrative. As you do, analyze in what ways and on what topics a fictional narrative may be superior for discussing workplace themes and in which ways and on what a nonfiction narrative may be superior. Make sure you explain why this is the case.

Writing Skills and Essay Planning

1. What are 3-4 writing skills that you feel are important? 2. Why are the skills you have identified important? 3. How would you begin planning an essay by using a prewriting activity, such as freewriting, mapping, brainstorming, etc. to develop ideas for your essay discussing important writing skills.

Effective Presentations

What type of document design, layout, presentation template, font, colors and graphics could someone include in a business presentation?


Read the first passage and then read the second passage which was written as a source in a paper. Analyze the work in the second paragraph for plagiarism. Decide the extent to which the student has plagiarized the original source. Choose two sentences from the passage that are clearly plagiarized and rephrase them or use quot

Essay analysis help is given.

Help in analyzing how this tension between the facts and the artistic intention of the essayist relates to its success in communicating workplace themes is given. Discuss how your chosen essayist uses all or some of these techniques, making sure you illustrate your claims through examples from your selected essay.

Essay help

In managing the uncertainties of ethical issues in engineering, what are some questions that we may ask to limit some of the risk associated with designing products and systems?

Powerpoint Presentation Tips & Tricks

I need help with creating a powerpoint. What are the tips and tricks I need to know about making a great presentation? I also need a sample powerpoint provided for reference with several slides.

"A Delicate Balance" is assessed.

Explain how the entertainment elements of the story relate to the lesson or lessons it teaches the reader. Some elements of fiction you will want to analyze as you discuss its entertainment value are the plot, the relationship between plot and character, the style in which the story is told, the point of view from which the sto

Give reasons for joining a professional organization.

* Identify a professional organization or association in a field that interests you, such as the Association of American Educators or American Psychological Association. * Briefly describe the organization or association. * Explain how the organization or association may contribute towards professional knowledge and ab

Literary Terms and Concepts Defined

Define each of the 11 terms listed below. Allusion Connotation Denotation Figurative language Simile Metaphor Symbol Hyperbole Personification Irony Satire

New Trainees - Case Study Analysis Paper

I need to figure out what went wrong with Carl and his supervisor, why everything fell into carl's lap and the job did not get done. What is wrong with this case and what needs to be done to make sure that everything is done on a timely order. A case study analysis done on Carl Robins and his new recruitment job and his 15 n