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    Analyzing the Logic of Syllogisms

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    3. Some sticky substances are yucky things.
    All taffy is a sticky substance.
    Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing.

    4. All items made of gold are expensive items.
    Some rings are items made of gold.
    Therefore, some rings are expensive items.

    5. All flies are winged creatures.
    All butterflies are winged creatures.
    Therefore, all butterflies are flies.

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    Interesting assignment! Let's look at the first one.

    The first sentence says that some, but not all sticky things are yucky. The second tells us that all taffy is sticky. However, the first sentence tells us that some sticky things might not be yucky, and taffy might ...

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    Three syllogisms (if-then statements) are broken down and analyzed in terms of whether they are logically valid. Explanations included.