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    Analyzing problems in a recruitment / training scenario

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    I need to figure out what went wrong with Carl and his supervisor, why everything fell into carl's lap and the job did not get done. What is wrong with this case and what needs to be done to make sure that everything is done on a timely order.

    A case study analysis done on Carl Robins and his new recruitment job and his 15 new trainees. See attachments.

    Critical thinking skills will be important to analyzing and resolving the problems in the case study we need to analyze information to determine what went wrong.

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    I will address the problems I see occurring in the case study and suggest some possible solutions. There are many different concerns here, so I will try to address all of them, but after reading the description of the assignment you will probably want to choose the ones you feel are most important to write about.

    First of all, Carl has only been on the job for a few months, and this is his first recruitment. Undoubtedly, he is very eager to recruit new hires and demonstrate his skills as a recruiter. However, Carl does not seem to have a more experienced recruiter with him on this first recruitment, which might have helped him avoid several errors. First, because Carl is so eager to recruit, he may be recruiting unqualified people. For instance, he may be accepting new hires who do not have the correct qualifications, or he may not be presenting the new hires with complete information about the job they are being recruited for. Carl may be looking at quantity of recruits rather than the quality. This problem could be addressed by having Carl "shadowed" by a more experienced ...

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    Analysis of a document describing problems that arise with a new managerial / recruiting employee and his first round of recruitment and training, as well as with his supervisor and the training materials. Detailed description of each error and suggestions how the error could be avoided or remedied.