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Find a good topic for a speech.

When you have a speech assignment for class, one of the first questions you must ask yourself is, "What am I going to talk about?" This solution offers some insider's tips on finding a great speech topic.

Proper forensics ettiquette is discussed.

Once you are ready for your first forensics tournament, you may be wondering about your behavior. Is it ok to leave the room after your performance? How should you sign in to the round? Is it ok to practice your event in the hallway before the round? This solution addresses each of these areas and a few more in order to help

What to write and how to start!

I've started my english essay on "how composers use texts to explore the concept of obsession". Not only do I not understand that statement I have enough resources to do the assignment i just dont know where i can go from what i have written.I have the notes from the movie "guiltrip" we viewed in class.And i have my related text

How to give a good extemporaneous speech is demonstrated.

Extemporaneous can seem like a scary event. The time limit, notes (or lack thereof), and source citations - combined with a knowledge of current events - can make this event seem tough to do well. This solution gives you the information and tricks any good extemper will need for success.

Good prose is discussed.

It is often said that prose is the easiest event to do, but the hardest event to do right. Despite the large number of competitors who do prose, students are often struggling to find a prose that has that "certain something" to make into finals of any tournament. This solution offers locations, tips and tricks to find the righ

Learning how to write an expository essay

Please help with the following problem. Please provide at least 300 words. How do I write an expository essay about how the stereotypes on homeless people aren't always true?

Autobiographical Text

I would just like a few tips on how to write an autobiographical text in the form of Gloria Anzaldua's Borderlands esssay

Finding Errors in a Comprehension Homework

The language used in the text tries to shock the young children into becoming vegetarians by telling them how cruel they are treated by the offspring taken away so early. There were also the use of unpleasant words such as 'killed and cruel'. I was asked to find out what was wrong with this answer that was given by another stude