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Metaphor and Simile

Compare and contrast the two concepts, metaphor and simile. Provide examples.

Realism Research on Huckleberry Finn

Hello, I have to write a research paper about the realism in Huck Finn. My first question you know of anywhere else that I can find this information other than Twentieth Century Literary Criticism? Also, Do you have any pointers on how to write a research paper? I know I have to put in the research I have found but I am

Technical position paper

What are the components of a technical position paper? (position paper written for the scientic community)

Consonant Articulation Depicted

What are the sounds represented by the midsagittal diagrams that I have attached below? What is the "place" and "manner "of articulation.? What is the IPA symbol that represents the sound ( there may be two symbols (voiced, voiceless) for some diagrams )?

Laurie Anderson's From The Air

What is the meaning in of the record From the Air by Laurie Anderson? Title: From The Air Good evening. This is your Captain. We are about to attempt a crash landing. Please extinguish all cigarettes. Place your tray tables in their Upright, locked position. Your Captain says: Put your head on your knees. Your Captain

Understanding Bjork's lyrics in "Hyper-ballad".

Below are the lyrics of Bjork's song called "Hyper-ballad." How should I interpret them? ---------------------------------------------------------------- We live in a mountain Right at the top There's a beautiful view From the top of the mountain Every morning I walk towards the edge And throw little things off Like C

Modification Errors Sentences

Modification Errors Identify the modification in the following sentences as (C) correct or (F) faulty: errors might be misplaced or dangling modifiers. Rewrite the incorrect sentences with correct modification. 1. Chief had almost drunk enough beer for the whole crew. 2. He and his wife only slept in king-size beds.

Find a good topic for a speech.

When you have a speech assignment for class, one of the first questions you must ask yourself is, "What am I going to talk about?" This solution offers some insider's tips on finding a great speech topic.

Proper forensics ettiquette is discussed.

Once you are ready for your first forensics tournament, you may be wondering about your behavior. Is it ok to leave the room after your performance? How should you sign in to the round? Is it ok to practice your event in the hallway before the round? This solution addresses each of these areas and a few more in order to help

What to write and how to start!

I've started my english essay on "how composers use texts to explore the concept of obsession". Not only do I not understand that statement I have enough resources to do the assignment i just dont know where i can go from what i have written.I have the notes from the movie "guiltrip" we viewed in class.And i have my related text

How to give a good extemporaneous speech is demonstrated.

Extemporaneous can seem like a scary event. The time limit, notes (or lack thereof), and source citations - combined with a knowledge of current events - can make this event seem tough to do well. This solution gives you the information and tricks any good extemper will need for success.

tips and tricks to find the right prose

It is often said that prose is the easiest event to do, but the hardest event to do right. Despite the large number of competitors who do prose, students are often struggling to find a prose that has that "certain something" to make into finals of any tournament. This solution offers locations, tips and tricks to find the righ