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AIDS in Africa: Dying by the Numbers

These questions are encompassed:

(1) How does the author of "AIDS in Africa: Dying by the Numbers" organize information to build his argument?

(2) Does he include any counterarguments? Why or why not?

(3) What kinds of statistics, graphs, or illustrations does the author include?

(4) In what ways do these visuals strengthen the author's arguments?

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The author builds his argument on statistics that show Africa as the worst nation affected by this epidemic. He presents several factors such as poverty, social instability, healthcare, and lack of efficient transportation; all present a barrier when it comes to implementing awareness and factors that could prevent people from being infected. The author uses census and statistics gathered from the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization. These visuals strengthen the author's arguments because many families in Africa can barely survive. This situation is far from being resolved due to over-crowded hospitals and limited ...

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The Solution analyzes the organization, purpose, and visual aids which are included in the article "AIDS in Africa: Dying by the Numbers."