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This posting offers help with getting started with a "Flatulence" speech.

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Please allow some of my ideas to help the formation of your speech. Once you write it, I am happy to offer editing tips and feedback:

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: How many of you have seen Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers? One of the most memorable characters in these films is known for "its" bodily humor. This character is not a human, instead, it is Jinxy, the farting cat.
(You might cite other movies or popular culture references where farting is found to lure the readers to listen to your speech).

B. Thesis Statement: Although it is often deemed as poor taste to talk about or display flatulence, it is a serious issue that cannot be ignored due to its relevant connection in the body, its causes and purposes in the human body, its symptoms and overall physical context, and its position in society as a funny, farcical, yet familiar bodily function.
(You might choose a problem/solution, cause/effect, informative, or persuasive format. I gave a sample for you to use as a model).

A. Fairhearing or Significance: This topic, though very taboo, since even the name "flatulence or "farting" conjures uncomfortable feelings or laughter, is a relevant topic because everyone has it. Most people do not want to address it because of embarrassment since releasing gas at the wrong place at the wrong time often causes great embarrassment. However, I am here to change your mind about this common "farting fallacy" since it is a rite of passage for all of us.
(You need to show why they need to care or listen to your unique topic)

B. Overview: As a result, today I am going to inform you about the real truths about flatulence, along with a summary of its causes and symptoms, its specific physical context within the whole body system, and foods associated with flatulence.
(Please add a game plan to structure the organization of your speech here).

I. Body
A. First of all, I want to define flatulence and show you that it is more of a physical and than a farcical matter since many people falsely believe that flatulence is something too embarrassing and that we need to suppress it.

1. However, research from medical experts show that Flatulence "occurs when food is not broken ...

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