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The privatization of American Media

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This job offers a source about how American privatization has escalated new media to promote growth and American status in communication technology at the costs of stifling public influence on content, equitable access, nonprofit and educational broadcasting, and other issues.

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It seems as if privacy and technology are the keys nowdays. Below is an article about it:


Privatization of U.S. Media
American privatization has tried to keep communication safe and its privacy intact. The upgrades in communication technology have spiked the public's interest. With communication technology evolving quicker than ever, the key will be to keep the privacy of some of this communication...well, private. There are massive amounts of communication being transmitted electronically every day. A lot of that communication should be left confidential to outside readers. The growth of new media has lifted the status of communication technology in America to new heights. America is one of the leaders in communication technology in the world and our quickness to deliver the newest, fastest, and flashiest new communication devices keeps America near the top, if not on top.

This demand for innovation in America has not been all peaches and cream. There have been many sacrifices and different aspects of everyday economics and life that have had to be subdued to make this technology keep evolving. For the most part, ...

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