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management communication skills

Taking into account the diverse backgrounds of people in today's workplace, discuss what you, the manager, can do to create an appropriate communications setting in the situation below.

1. Your employees have not been able to work together as team. Each seems to have his/her own agenda when it comes to working on the current team project (improving the customer relations issues in your workplace).

2. How will you communicate your message to your newly hired and diverse staff of six (consisting of both women and men, ranging in age from 25 - 60, of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds)?

What would you do and say, and how would you approach the situation?

What are some of the potential barriers your staff might face?

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1. First, we would have a group meeting and I would run it off an outline, first outlining the problem. Then we would move on to outlining the factors of the problems. Next, I would let everyone have their input on possible solutions. In the end, I would divide the group up into different subgroups and give each subgroup a role in the implementation of the solution that we would pick (based on a ...