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Essay Question

In today's society there is a great deal of influence on appearance and body image for women and teenage girls. Need help with the following Need to reply in essay form from the view point of a 17 year old female. How do you view these demands from our society and how would you help yourself or other young women deal wi

Summary of the Event

I need assistance with evaluating this short story. I need to present the facts of the case, the decisions facing the leader, and the actions that were taken in 2 and half pages. I have already come up with a general outline, I just need assistance with putting the summary together. Attached you can find the short story la

APA format for questions responses

Assuming you have an assignment with six question each with two subquestions, 1. Minus a cover letter, how do you answer the questions that fit the APA format? 2. Do you need an abstract 3.If you have to list the points you intend to make on a question, how do you go about it?

Read and analyze an article by Helfat, Harris, and Wolfson

Describe the central research problem. Explain, as best you can, why the study was undertaken. Describe what the authors discovered. See the following reference: Helfat, C. E., Harris, D., & Wolfson, P. J. (2006). The pipeline to the top: Women and men in the top executive ranks of US corporations. The Academy of Mana

Influence on appearance and body image for women and teenage girls.

Question is: In today's society there is a great deal of influence on appearance and body image for women and teenage girls. How do you view these demands from our society and how would you help yourself or other young women deal with the problems that can arise from these issues?

Writing Skills and Techniques

Select a topic from the list below, develop a thesis statement from your topic selection, and post your writing strategies for developing your thesis. Education: No Child Left Behind (education/youth) After selecting your topic, use the prewriting strategies (mind mapping, brainstorming, and free writing) to develop and re

Debating Celebrities and Their Powers

(1)"Celebrities have a tremendous influence on the young, and for that reason, they have a responsibility to act as role models. (2)"Although routines may seem to put us in a rut and stifle creativity, in fact routines make us more efficient and allow creativity to blossom. (3)

Competition as a Destructive Force in Society Essay

See the attached file. Competition is a destructive force in society. I completely agree that competition is a destructive force in society. I feel this way because I know from personal experience how people treat you when they are focused on competition. They are rude, they are all about money, and they are not team playe

What are professional ethics?

Please help me so that I can write an essay addressing these points: What does "becoming a health care professional" mean to you? What are professional ethics? Who decides what is ethical?

Interviewing versus Interrogations

How are interviews and interrogations distinguished from each other? Which is a more effective form of communication? What are personal characteristics of a good interviewer?

Email communications

What are key guidelines you use for preparing effective e-mail messages? How is Web communication, as in over the internet, different from other forms of business communication? How is it similar? What is the biggest challenge in writing e-mail messages?

Homophones - words commonly confused and misused

Review worksheets on homophones, commonly confused and misused words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and which have different meanings. Editing Worksheet/Practice 1 OBJECTIVE: Practice words commonly used incorrectly in sentences. DIRECTIONS: Underline the correct choice for each situation, in each sentenc

Analyze Health Care program

Health Care Access i) Access The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Web site and select one of the multiple funded programs available to research. (1) What is the mission and budget? (2) What is the strategic plan of the program? (3) What do they do to control the quality of health care? (4) What do they d

Othello and Streetcar Named Desire parallels are discussed.

I have to make a connection between any of following Books( connection between characters or conflicts) I have trouble finding any connections. Do you have any feedback Books: Bleachers- John Grisham A streetcar Named Desire- Tennessee Williams Siddhartha- Herman Hesse Oth

How to critique a manual

I need to critique the Microsoft excel user manual based on organization, layout, use of visuals, and written instructions. I am not sure where to find resources to do this or how to get started.

Steps to Writing.

Explain the steps used in writing a research paper. Included here are the steps for writing a research paper. Finding a researchable subject and question. Setting goals for sources. Finding print and electronic sources, and making a working, annotated bibliography. Evaluating and synthesizing sources. Gathering inf

Developing Supporting Details for Main Ideas

Can someone please assist me in listing supporting details I can use for the main topics that is to the left of the page? I need sentences in the corresponding paragraphs for the main topics to the left of the paragraphs. For example one of the main topics to the left is "Indentured Servants a form of White Slavery". What sent

Using PowerPoint.

Discuss 3 things that you believe are most important when using presentation software such as PowerPoint. 1.I believe that grammar and cleanliness of the presentation is important, so the person can follow along. 2.I believe that it should also have good structure. In example, there should be an intro, body, and conclus

Benne and Sheats' Theories on Group Behaviors

Research the theory of Benne and Sheats on the different categories of group roles or behaviors. As a leader, what types of rules or processes for team interaction could you establish that would minimize the negative roles and encourage the positive roles?

Simple Prewriting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing

Part One Instructions: As the first part of your critical thinking exercise for this request, open a new Word document and title it Prewriting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing. Without passing any judgment on your own ideas, generate a list of ideas and/or questions (to research more information about). Put this list of ideas in t

Impact the environment has on learning

I need an outline! My assignment is actually two parts. I have to come up with an outline in APA format and also write a 7 page paper. All I need is an outline to get started. My topic is about how the environment effects our learning. All I can think of is the different types of environments such as school, work, and h

Touchstone Project

As you continue developing your Touchstone Project, you are beginning to assume authorship of your text. An important step in doing so is choosing the most relevant research information possible and then recording the main ideas as notes. Typically, notes record relevant facts, record direct quotations, and provide pages numbers

Literary Terms and Concepts

These terms must be in your own words. Additionally, each definition must also include an example of the term used in one or more of the reading assignments: Setting Plot Climax Falling action Resolution Characters

Discuss the concepts of point of view, symbolism, theme, and style.

Your team is assigned the task of discussing a play and analyzing the play for an upcoming issue. You are currently putting together a presentation for the editor-in-chief showcasing the groups' findings thus far. However, you decide to email the writers a list of discussion points. Please address the following in your discus

Discuss the concepts of setting, character, and plot

You want to serve as an example and have decided to write an APA formatted literary analysis paper. You will choose a short story (file attached) Please include the following: Identify the theme within the story you have chosen and discuss how the following elements develop the theme you identify: Setting Characters

Sophie's World

I just read Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder and was wondering about the following, with examples from where I might have missed them in the book. 1) Do you think anyone can become a good philosopher, or is Sophie a special or unusual person? What special talents would it take to be

Culture Communication

One person comes from a culture that believes "We're all human, aren't we?" Another person comes from a culture that says "Status is everything." What problems might occur as these two individuals try to communicate with each other? How might the development of interpersonal relationships be affected? How could work and school e

CSCA Benefits for Agricultural Products

About CSCA The Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA) is a national trade association established in 1987. It represents companies involved in the merchandising of Canadian pulse and special crops, incl. bean, chickpea, lentil, pea, canary seed, buckwheat, sunflower seed and mustard seed. The CSCA currently has more than 110