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Othello and Streetcar Named Desire parallels

I have to make a connection between any of following Books( connection between characters or conflicts)

I have trouble finding any connections. Do you have any feedback

Books: Bleachers- John Grisham
A streetcar Named Desire- Tennessee Williams
Siddhartha- Herman Hesse
Othello- Shakespeare

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First off, as you make your character comparisons, I offer two man ideas for you. On one hand, I highly suggest using Blanche from Williams' play and correlate how she is much like Othello in Shakespeare's play.
For example, you might show how both characters have initially (and also retain) strong values for their own cultures, pasts, and social statuses. Blanche cherishes her Old South ways, and you might also assert how Othello is an esteemed general who prides in his Moorish culture. Make sense?

However, you might also suggest that both Blanche DuBois and Othello are also highly self destructive characters, as well as toxic and instigating to other characters around them. Because Blanche came from aristocratic traditions of the Old South, she seems to have strong pretensions along with this desire to keep her elevated social status. These beliefs make her in direct opposition to Stanley and his lifestyle. When Stanley calls her on her facade when he says to Blanche, "Take a look at yourself in that worn-out Mardi Gras ...

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Othello and Streetcar Named Desire parallels are noted.