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    Healthcare research analysis

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    Health Care Access

    i) Access The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Web site and select one of the multiple funded programs available to research.
    (1) What is the mission and budget?
    (2) What is the strategic plan of the program?
    (3) What do they do to control the quality of health care?
    (4) What do they do for cost containment?
    (5) How are they aligned with health care professionals?
    (6) Is this a valuable program or a waste of taxpayer money? If the program has faults, how could it be improved or should it be abandoned? Be prepared to defend your position

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    First, the introduction paragraph for your essay should explain to your reader what your essay will cover, including the choice you have made from among the available choices on the AHRQ website, the Asthma research component. An opening paragraph might say: The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality website lists funded research projects that are paid for with taxpayer monies. This treatise will examine one such project to judge its effectiveness as a valuable use of taxpayer funds. Suggestions for program improvement will also be discussed.

    The next two to five paragraphs will deal with the item questions in the assignment, because the answers to these questions will help you make the decision whether the program is a valuable one, or not. Most of these questions are answerable by reading the report carefully, except for question 1, part 2, which asks how much is the budget for the program. The ...

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    Analyze a funded research program of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and make recommendations.