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English research skills are summarized.

Are you a skilled Internet researcher? Why or why not? What specific strategies from your Unit II learning assignments could you use to improve your Internet research? Discuss your Internet research skills and strategies that can strengthen or improve those skills. Answer Discuss the difference between search langua

Businesses in a more diverse market

Pleas help me to respond to this question on culture influences: To accommodate the increasing U.S. demographic diversity, what changes (e.g., advertising, religious obligations, gender, etc) will businesses have to make?

Answering rhetorical questions on a text

please answer the following questions,quoting from the text when necessary: 1. What is the thesis (what point is the author trying to make)? 2. What is the author trying to do in this piece? Is he trying to establish that a problem exists? Trying to explain WHY the problem exists? Is he trying to tell us what the probl

APA citations of website articles

Could someone put these websites citations into apa form please? I'm not sure how to do it http://www.google.com/finance http://www.fasb.org http://www.cpajournal.com/ http://www.pcaobus http://www.nasdaq.com/ http://www.aicpa.org http://www.iasb.org http://moneycentral.msn.com/home.asp http://www.irs.gov

Light and dark imagery in short stories

1) What examples are there of the theme of light vs. dark in these two stories? 2) What examples are there of age vs. youth in "A Rose for Emily"? 3) What are the author's messages with regard to the themes of good vs. evil, age vs. youth, light vs. dark, or life vs. death in both stories?

Nonverbal Communication: The Messages of Action, Space, Time and Silence

SCENARIO Jane was asked to represent her U.S. company at a conference that was to take place in Mexico City. Having just transferred to this Latin American country, she was understandably flattered that her boss would ask her to participate and excited that she would have the opportunity to see the city. Everything went w

Nonverbal Communication

How does a person's physical appearance reveal his/her values and attitude (for example: clothing, jewelry, hair-do, make-up, etc).

Workplace Attendance Main Factors

What do you believe are the 3 main factors influencing attendance in the workplace? For each factor name 3 methods to increase attendance and punctuality.

Puritan ideas and Mark Twain .

I have some questions after reading the article "The Late Benjamin Franklin" by Mark Twain (see website link to the article, below) and an autobiography on Benjamin Franklin (see attachment). I am trying to write an essay based on Puritan ideas and would like to be able to understand the conflict here a bit more. http://www.c

Online course analogies

Write one analogy about "taking an online course" that would be a valid comparison and help someone understand your experience. Write another analogy that would be an invalid comparison (this comparison would be a "stretch," meaning that the comparison is not at all close enough to be helpful to the other persons understandi

Shaping Interpretations of Reality: Cultural Values

Can you help me support an answer on this culture question and it reads, "How do child-rearing practices differentiate the sexes in American culture? You could use methods of discipline, toys, games, stories, etc.

Write about a television sitcom

I need to write analysis (paper) conveying a more effective verbal message using the following guidelines. A television sitcom from either network broadcast, the Internet, or home video media. Describe the storyline of the episode and the key characters so that I can analyze one of the conversations by describing the subje

"A Rose for Miss Emily" and "The Lottery"

1) I am trying to analyze these two short stories focusing on their contrasting main themes as follows and need some help finding concrete examples: 1) good vs. evil 2) age vs. youth 3) light vs. dark 4) life vs. death 2) I am looking to see how the author presents these themes and what the author's message seems to be

Crucible study notes

1) I am trying to connect how three of the characters in the book (John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Rev. John Hale) are tested and brought to their essence? 2) What specific circumstances/environment cause this surfacing of their true natures? 3) Why would the test of these characters and their being brought to thei

Communications: ethical dilemma

List all the possible ethical communication dilemmas in this scenario AND explain what makes them ethical. * I see unfairness, disrespect, irresponsibility. Can you find more?

Colors in America

Could you please help me out with the following topic about cultural perceptions of color. Discuss American cultural perceptions of color. In other words, what do Americans associate with the colors black, yellow, white, blue, and red? (Since the term "American" has different meanings to different people, use your personal

How my gifts and talents could benefit the world

What are your gifts, talents, and unique abilities? What are you most interested in and passionate about? What do you love to do that the world needs? Does that fit with what you are pursuing in school

How to write a website summary

For the assignment I am supposed to pretend to be a website designer. I am supposed to write a website summary. I am supposed to be making up a product that can be presented it can be anything and iI am making up a product machine that can wash and dry your clothes in ten minutes. I am supposed to come up with a statement that w

Professional Writing/Communication Case Study

I. Plan A. Analyze the Situation 1. What is your general purpose? 2. What is your specific purpose? 3. Exactly what do you want your audience to think, feel or believe after receiving your message? 4. Who is your primary audience? 5. What is their background? 6. How are its members different from one another?

The Reader Paper

***see atached file for problem: The Reader Paper The Assignment The reader paper is a letter to the editor of a local newspaper identifying a problem in your local community and proposing a solution to it. The problem has to be local, not national or international (because your solution might actually make a differe

Customer Service Complaint Response

Need help in writing a memo in response to a negative customer service experience that has been endured or heard or read about. As the customer service manager, how would you respond to the complaint in writing? Consider how the communication was received. Was it by letter, e-mail, or phone call? Describe the complaint, reitera