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Negative response

Need help in writing a memo in response to a negative customer service experience that has been endured or heard or read about. As the customer service manager, how would you respond to the complaint in writing? Consider how the communication was received. Was it by letter, e-mail, or phone call?
Describe the complaint, reiterate what is considered good customer service, and explain the importance of effective business communication to customers and within the company. Adapt this memo for each of the following audiences:

â-¦The store manager
â-¦The store staff
â-¦All stores throughout the company

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I am putting the original memo for all stores here and attaching the whole memo set. Make sure you check it for cues provided by your lessons to make sure you hit all the important aspects of a positive message.

To: All company employees
From: Customer Service Manager
Re: Ongoing complaint

To all concerned:
Again I have received complaints about the ongoing problem of inattention to customers on the floor. This is an ongoing problem in many of the stores and I would like to gain your help in ...

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