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difference between positive and negative reinforcement

What is the difference between positive and negative reinforcement? Is there a definitive difference? These questions are considered.

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Let's see if I can shed a little light on the situation you have presented. However, first off, in order to answer your question there must be a well grounded understanding of the goals of therapy.

The term therapy, in an of itself, is a wide open concept. Depending on with who talk , the definition will surely change. Overall, however, therapy is a behavior change process for the purpose of healing. Keep in mind, however, that the existing variety of definitions of therapeutic goals, often influenced by the therapeutic orientation of the therapist, make it difficult to integrate concepts and to compare findings. Hence, we need to focus on those results which were found in relation to general concepts, i.e. beyond specific theoretical approaches. Now...follow along with me so we can take a good look at the issue of positive and negative reinforcement with respective psychotherapeutic goals.

Knowing that psychotherapy, regardless of approach, is a process by which one examines their thoughts, feelings, actions and relationships, the process is greatly influenced by reinforcement that is either negative or positive. This reinforcement ...

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The difference between positive and negative reinforcement is noted.