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    Dracula Questions Explicated using Textual Evidence

    #1 When Dracula is speaking to his wives, he tells them that after he gets all the information he needs from Harker that they can do what they want with him. This goes to show how devious Dracula can be. He would make a great politician. What do you think? #2 Dracula is a monster who preys on children in the middle of the ni

    Common Sense and the Theory of Enlightenment

    Thomas Paine wrote, "The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances have, and will, arise which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which their affections are interested." Consider what you know of th

    Hemingway's the Big Two Hearted River

    1) Which passage appears to be the most significant and why? 2) I'm looking for a really good discussion question and an answer that I can contemplate further. Here is the link to the story: olearyweb.com/classes/english10012/readings/twohearted.html.

    Harker and Dracula

    #1 I'm wondering why Dracula locked Harker in the castle during the day? If Harken doesn't know where he's going it would have been pointless for him to go away from the castle and wouldn't have raised his suspition. Some people don't like to be cooped up and isolated. #2 When Harker chose to sleep outside the safety of his

    Theme in Johnson's work

    At the end of chapter 10, Johnson explains why he chose to pass as a white man. At the very end of chapter 11 he speaks of regrets. 1) I am looking for opinion as to his ideas of both shame and regret? I am confused as to why he chose this first and then regretted it later. 2) How does this part of the memoir increase one

    Examine mediation and arbitration

    I need to be able to answering the following: What is the function, role, and effectiveness of mediation and arbitration in conflict resolution.  What types of disputes can be utilized by mediation and arbitration? Visit American Arbitration Association. Explain what this organization does. What are the drawbacks

    Symbols in "America" by James Monroe Whitfield are explained.

    I recently read this poem as part of a unit on African American literature and have some questions: 1) What symbols does this piece contain? (I know that a symbol will usually appear more than once in a piece of literature and often in important moments in the piece, however, I am having difficulty determining the symbol(s) i

    Symbolism in Johnson's autobiography

    Since a symbol is described as an object that holds a significance larger than its literal one, I am wondering about the symbol of the 10 dollar coin Johnson receives in Chapter 1 of this book? 1) What is the symbolic meaning of this item? 2) How is this meant to help the reader's understanding of the story? I am lookin

    Develop a research plan on visual communication and politics

    How to develop a plan for a research paper using the following topic and references.: Using visual communication and its impact on politics, locate sources related to the topic (issue) in order to become more informed of the issue and its related arguments and evidence discussed in credible outside sources. 2 scholarly ar

    Examining the Edited Standard Written English

    1. Explain what you can learn from Edited Standard Written English. 2. Explain how one's knowledge of ESWE can help readers make sense of your writing. 3. Explain how correct use of pronoun/antecedent in a sentence helps the reader understand the writer's statement and how incorrect use of pronoun/antecedent in a sent

    Frederick Douglass' Narrative is briefly compared to Truth's text.

    1) Based on his narrative it seems as though the final straw was late payment of his wages to Master Hugh, which caused him to lose his freedom of seeking work for wages. I do believe all the injustices Douglass experienced as a slave were well contributing factors to him escaping, it just seems as if money is what eventually s

    Training Overview

    - Assume you were developing a one-day course for supervisors on how to administer discipline effectively in the workplace. - List and briefly describe the three most important points that you would cover in the training.

    "Going to Yes": Major Points Outlining the Book

    "Getting To Yes" is one of the most popular books ever written about negotiation. Conduct Internet research that will help you list and briefly explain the four major points (or pieces of advice) that Ury and Fisher outline in that book.

    Employee Free Choice Act overview

    # Find a link on the Internet to a website that favors passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. # Find another link on the Internet to a website that opposes passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. # Study the contents of both websites including any videos or literature. # Provide the URL for each website and (from yo

    Data Communication

    Is there truth to the statement that some people can actually hear the quantization error in compact disc recordings?

    Exemplification essay

    I need help with this please. Unsure exactly how to write this and cannot find enough information on any of the subjects. Need any references used. Exemplification essay on one of the following topics: Sustainable development Democracy in the digital age Information technologyâ??s effect on society

    "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave"

    1) What figurative language does Douglass appear to be using in his memoir? 2) How does this affect the reading of the Narrative? 3) Is there another type of figurative language that might have been more appropriate or had more impact on the reader? If so, how? 4) What is the relationship between the physical effects o

    Indentity theft summary

    After reading the article on identity Theft, in your words explain what it is and how this happens? Click on the link to view the article. http://fog.ccsf.edu/~lfried/stories/IdentityTheft.html

    Could you live with less?

    Could You Live With Less? Underline the technological products or services that Mills has chosen to live without. Compared to the lifestyle of the average person on Earth, my days are i lush with comfort and convenience: I have a warm home, enough to eat, my own car. But compared to most of my urban American contempo¬rari

    The Awakening's symbols are explicated briefly.

    Pike and Acosta (2011) define literary symbolism as â??one type of literary device: an image whose meaning has become fixed by convention, such as the flagâ?¦bald eagle, or a roseâ? (p. 138). The sea is symbolic in The Awakening, and represents various underlying meanings. For example, Edna refers to the sea as an entity t

    Writing process in a nutshell

    Explains the process of writing and editing your research paper. Make sure that you include a clearly worded statement of purpose in an appropriate place (such as the end of the introduction). Identify the key writing and editing strategies you applied. Discuss any obstacles or challenges you had revising and editing your paper.