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Major World Religions Parallels

What are some of the parallels between the major world religions? Consider geography, history, period of history, or any other factors.

Define scholarly writing.

What is scholarly writing? What are the key components of scholarly writing, and how do the components of scholarly writing, and how do the components help achieve the purpose?

The Purpose of Scholarly Writing

Discuss the following: What is the purpose of scholarly writing? What are the key components of scholarly writing and how do these components help in achieving the purpose.

Pros and cons of whistleblowing are identified.

PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCES IF POSSIBLE. 1. While a genuine whistleblower in a company may be doing the morally and legally correct thing, it is important NOT to encourage whistle blowing to preserve the values of loyalty and discipline. After all who likes a snitch? Debate whether this statement is correct. What

Summarize intercultural communication.

I need help defining intracultural communication and how is intracultural the same or different to intercultural communication. What are some reasons and approaches behind mastering intercultural communication? Please describe and analyze a recent intercultural encounter with someone of a different age, ethnicity, race, religion

Logos Pathos, and Ethos are exemplified.

The Three Appeals: Logos, Pathos, Ethos Identify in passages Read McCain and Obama's responses carefully and decide whether at each point the speaker is appealing to his audience primarily using logos, pathos, or ethos. Color-code examples of logos green, pathos yellow, and ethos black. may color different parts of a sent

PRESENTATIONS: Deciding on the best to use and the Rhetorical Triangle

Please help me research each of the following four approaches for developing a presentation: a speech or lecture, a workshop, a discussion, a group activity. 1. Explain the reasons why or when you would use each of these approaches. 2. Describe how the three attributes of the Rhetorical Triangle (speaker, audience, and s

Life of Pi Context Notes

When reading a novel, it is important to know the context surrounding the story to fully analyze and understand what is happening. Life of Pi is a text that discusses religion, history, and geo-political goings on in India and Canada.

The Importance of Odysseus' Intelligence

Phrases that editors have used to describe Odysseus include "insatiable curiosity," "probing and versatile intelligence," and "soberly courageous" (97, 98). Which do you think describes him best? Are there other words or phrases you would use instead?

The Nature of Negotiating

Discuss whether or not you think assuming that negotiators are rational. Based on your response, discuss what you recommend negotiators do to help them have successful outcomes. Discuss one mental condition that may pose a problem to a negotiator. Discuss the implications of this condition, what could be placed at risk becau

Debate "Computers Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills"

Regarding David Gelernter's Essay, "Computers Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills" Where in the essay does Gelernter present his solution as to how computers should be used in the classroom? Is this placement effective? Gelernter compares computers with books, does he make an effective argument?

Anjula Razdan's "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

Anjula Razdan's What's Love Got to Do With It? (found on Internet) What type of evidence does Razdan use to explore whether arranged marriages are more successful than relationships based on romantic attraction? is evidence relevant, credible and sufficient? Why or why not?

Wilbert Rideau's "Why Prisons Don't Work"

Wilbert Rideau's Why Prisons Don't Work (found on the Internet) According to Wilbert Rideau, why don't prisons work? What does he propose as solutions to problem of escalating crime? What other solutions can you think of?

Discuss unsupervised free time during the summer.

Look up Nancy Gibbs article called "Free the children" on the Internet. What are some of the benefits of allowing children unsupervised free time during the summer? Paragraphs 7 and 8, Gibbs uses recall to share specific experience involving one of her daughters. What is her point in using this anecdote? What does it cont

Help on Writing About an Ethical Issue

I need help on how to approach the following assignment: - Identify and clearly describe an ethical issue. - Articulate a code of ethics that you feel is appropriate to address the ethical issue. - Apply your code of ethics, along with concepts of leadership and integrity to arrive at your ultimate resolution to the ethical

Walt Whitman: Father of American Free Verse

Dscribe Whitman's style of writing. What are some of the characteristics of his poetry that you have observed? What motifs (patterns) and themes does he touch on? What seems to be his philosophy on life in general?

Analysis of Dexter's "Winter Dreams"

What is meant by Dexter's "Winter Dreams"? How does Judy fit into this idea - what exactly does she seem to symbolize to Dexter? What does he learn at the end of the story about such dreams?

Michael Jackson lyrics and African American literature

1) In considering some of the themes broached by Jackson, I am looking at how his treatment of these themes compares to that of any or all of the following with regard to the themes, concerns, issues they discuss in their novels: Frederick Douglass, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave"; James Weldon

Michael Jackson's lyrics and themes of African American literature

1) I am looking for ideas as to three songs from Michael Jackson in which the lyrics fit in with, and contribute to, African American literature as a genre. (I was thinking of "Black or White" and maybe "We Are the World", but am not sure if they apply or if there are three others I might be missing). 2) I am looking to see w