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Overview of FMLA

As the new manager of human resources, you remember that during the interview process, your boss (the chief executive officer [CEO]) specifically mentioned that he had heard something about the new Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that some other local company CEO's have been dealing with. He asked you to describe it for him, thr

Paragraph and writing advice

1. What is the author saying about the kinds of courage people have? The author is says that courage is the foundation on which all other virtues and values rest. 2. Identify the audience for whom the author is writing. Explain why you think so. The author is writing to a general audience, a combination of different grou

Women's Liberation Movement

I need help organizing my thoughts about some of the major reasons for the women's liberation movement. Also, in your opinion, do you think that women should be equal to men in everything? Why or why not. Please see this article for help:

Essay Writing Help

Please help with the following problem. Using the topic "health information technology effects on physician-patient care," I need help starting on an essay. I need an idea for a thesis statement and supporting points with logical reasoning and evidence based on your knowledge and experience. I need a jumping off point and

Steinbeck's East of Eden

1) In considering this book critically, would this be a good book to recommend for students who are trying to learn a bit of history? Why or why not? 2) Would you give this book a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Why or why not? 3) What do you think about the author's style, narration, and form as well as the plot itself?

Speech parallels

Compare/contrast two important works of the Tewentieth Century: 1. Adolph Hitler's opening section of "Chapter XI: Nation and Race," Volume 1  A Reckoning, Mein Kampf 2. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, "Letter From a Birmingham Jail."

Help with memo

You were recently hired as a director of marketing for Greener Grocery, a company with a chain of grocery stores across the southern U.S. that focuses on natural and organic foods. Along with other high-end grocers, Greener Grocery has lost income during the recent recession as buyers have attempted to maximize their grocery bu

Case review

Review Case Answer the questions below. This is a management of information Center course and the emphasis is on the way forward. Miss Jones retires After a very long tenure Miss Jones has given notice of their retirement. She was approaching the age of 70 and felt it was time to step back from her position as Information

Cold Mountain novel versus "A Rose for Emily" by Faulkner

I have a few questions regarding the novel, Cold Mountain and the short story, "A Rose For Emily." 1) What are the similarities and differences in "A Rose for Emily" and the novel with regard to presentation, style, setting, characterization, irony, author point of view? 2) In what ways does "A Rose for Emily" differ fro

Related themes in the novel, Cold Mountain

I am looking for a related theme(s) from the novel "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier, that shares connections with the following pieces of literature: "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson "A Small Good Thing" by Raymond Carver I would like in

Need help Creating a Short Proposal for Research Paper

Remember you are planning a problem-solution paper. Include in your proposal the problem you wish to solve, a list of possible reasons that the problem exists (these may change as you do your actual research), and your proposed solution. The proposal should be fairly detailed.

Rationalize a diverse workforce

What is diversity and why (if at all) is important for businesses to move in the direction of having a more diverse workforce?

There are several reasons why managers, leaders, and/or employees should refrain from discriminatory terminology. One of the most important reasons is that individuals might take offense to derogatory statements, feel belittled and unmotivated to work for a company that condones that type of behavior. Employees may detect preferential treatment of one ethnicity, gender, etc. over the other. Derogatory statements are unprofessional and unethical in the work place. Discrimination is an ongoing problem in today's corporate work force. Complaints plague organizations such as the Equal Rights Commission on a daily basis. Individuals had to endure all forms of discrimination thus resulting in degrading, demeaning, and disrespectful practices that hinder ones work performance. Although, legal ramifications may occur as a result of insensitivity to cultural differences, discrimination is an increasingly growing concern. In most cases organizations have become extremely sophisticated in discriminating against employees in which case the employees must possess iron clad evidence, and comprehensive documentation to prove that the organization is in fact violating his/her civil rights. Derogatory statements tend to lower company morale for the reason that employees feel undervalued as a result of cultural bias. Corporate discrimination results in the following hindrances to business operations:

There are several reasons why managers, leaders, and/or employees should refrain from discriminatory terminology. One of the most important reasons is that individuals might take offense to derogatory statements, feel belittled and unmotivated to work for a company that condones that type of behavior. Employees may detect prefe

Rationales for the best paraphrases

Read the source passage and then choose which of the three paraphrases is the best. Explain what is wrong with the other two. (see below) Violence is often seen as primitive or immature. And yet, the reality is that even in this era of gun-toting 12-year-olds, murderous violence is distressingly mature: Overwhelmingly, i

Roger Sipher's Article

1) Summarize the essay and the reasons the author had for writing it. 2) Analyze and present some of the basic principles that underlie the author's position. Some of these basic principles will have to be inferred -- they are not directly stated. 3) Present your reasons for disagreeing with Sipher So That Nobody H

Please help me find some articles for this project so I can expand on the summaries. Thanks! Review and write a summary of three journal articles about communication. Discuss implications of how this would be helpful to you as a classroom/special education teacher. These articles may be found during your own web search.

article about gender differences

Http:// Please read article and answer following questions by indicating whether the numbered statement is something the text only IMPLIES and which you must infer, whether the text openly STATES it, and/or whether the numbered statement is supported in the

Request for proposal

> Why is a detailed reading of the request for proposal important? > What are the required sections and their importance in conforming to the Request for Proposal? > What is the importance of the completed proposal? > How does the proposal benefit the sales presentation? > How does the proposal solve the needs of the

English research skills are summarized.

Are you a skilled Internet researcher? Why or why not? What specific strategies from your Unit II learning assignments could you use to improve your Internet research? Discuss your Internet research skills and strategies that can strengthen or improve those skills. Answer Discuss the difference between search langua

Businesses in a more diverse market

Pleas help me to respond to this question on culture influences: To accommodate the increasing U.S. demographic diversity, what changes (e.g., advertising, religious obligations, gender, etc) will businesses have to make?

Answering rhetorical questions on a text

please answer the following questions,quoting from the text when necessary: 1. What is the thesis (what point is the author trying to make)? 2. What is the author trying to do in this piece? Is he trying to establish that a problem exists? Trying to explain WHY the problem exists? Is he trying to tell us what the probl