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    Simple, compound, complex, and compound complex sentence patterns

    Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound/Complex Sentence Patterns 1. Although it may be rather long, a simple sentence consists of a single main clause and no subordinate clause. a. Complex Sentence b. Compound Sentence c. Compound/Complex Sentence d. Simple Sentence 2. A compound sentence consists of two or more

    Cultural Leadership

    If you have lived or have traveled outside the United States, describe the similarities and differences between leadership in the U.S. and leadership in other countries. If you have not traveled outside the U.S. refer to someone you know or work with that similar or different cultural leadership approaches based on their expe

    Emotional Intelligence

    In what areas of emotional intelligence are you strong? In what areas could you improve? Explain

    Communication in recent movie

    Imagine that your boss (or your client, if you are self-employed) has assigned you to a team to develop a communications training program. Each team member will recommend a book that all participants will discuss during a required meeting or retreat. The team needs one book that sheds light on one or more communication tactics

    Work Passion and Organizational Performance

    What makes you passionate about your workplace or the work you do? How might you use your passion to drive organizational performance? How might you encourage subordinates or colleagues to use their passion to innovate?

    Transformational and Transactional Leader

    Describe a situation in which you have acted as a transformational or transactional leader. Were you successful or unsuccessful? What environment and /or external factors did you consider?

    Situations and examples of the facets of undestanding

    What facets of understanding do the following situations use? Explain. 1. Prepare and deliver a speech to persuade people to take actions to protect the environment. What facets of understanding does this assessment address? 2. Write a computer program in Basic that will sort a list of words alphabetically. What facets

    Rhetorical Analysis Rolex Watch

    Write an analysis of an advertisement. Then go to http://www.adflip.com/ Choose from the icons in the middle of the page they represent decades then choose an advertisement that you find in browsing the material. Remember to include the URL or website address from your chosen ad; it will begin with http:// --copy and paste it at

    "To be a leader you have to have followers."

    Do you agree with the statement: to be a leader you have to have followers. Explain the various ramifications involved in your response. Where possible please include practical applications to illustrate your position.

    Technological effects on the Western World

    In the United States and much of the Western world since World War II, women have actually seen an increase in domestic work largely due to new technologies. Do you agree that technology has at times had a negative impact on women? Have women's interests been aided or hindered by technology? Elaborate. Many experts assert

    Contrast a film's story and a film's plot.

    Explain the difference between a film's story and a film's plot. Use a specific film to illustrate your point of view. In the film you chose, are the events presented chronologically or are they presented non-linearly? What might a filmmaker's intentions be when he or she chooses to present events chronologically or in a non-lin

    Effects of the Internet and other technologies

    How are the Internet and other technologies currently affecting the ways in which movies are produced, distributed, and exhibited? Are the changes having an impact on the quality or depth of the films? Provide specific examples as you explain your point of view.

    Listening types are examined.

    Identify creative strategies that can be employed to improve listening from both a speaker and listener perspective. Please try to touch on appreciative, discriminative, comprehensive, and empathic listening.

    Compose a brief summary of the articles.

    Bauman, M. G. (2001, November 9). The devilments of style. Chronicle of Higher Education, 48(11), B5. Freimer, G. R. & Perry, M. M. (1986, January). Student problems with documentation. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 11(6), 350. Lewis, H. G. (1997, October). What's more important: What you say or how you

    Summarize facets of business evaluations.

    Discussing evaluation and being evaluated are very different. Evaluating an idea and evaluating a person are different as well. What are the differences between writing an evaluative essay and writing an evaluation for an employee? What are the similarities? How does the business of evaluation contrast with the art of eva

    Intercultural Communication Competence

    How does the following quote relate to Intercultural Communication Competence? "The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts." ~Charles Darwin

    Argument and Rhetoric

    Using homelessness as a topic, this solution offers a tutorial on the following tasks: Review the Rhetoric and Argument and Logical Fallacies Consider an argument or arguments you plan to make in your Persuasive Research. Determine which rhetorical strategy or strategies are most suited for your argument(s)

    Comparing the humanity of Muhammad and Buddha.

    Q2: In Islam, Muhammad, while a remarkable man, is understood to be only a man. In this respect, Islam is like Buddhism, where the tradition emphasizes the fact that the Buddha was a human. In what way does the emphasis on the humanness of the founder of each of these traditions reflect their understanding of human nature? What

    Bilingual Education is debated.

    Imagine that you have the opportunity to work as a paraprofessional at one of the following school: ? Lakeview North Elementary School is a bilingual school where students are given instruction in their native language for most of the day, but immersed with other non-ELL students for selected periods (such as lunch, physic

    Doctoral traits

    How do you demonstrate a doctoral demeanor in your personal, professional, or community life? How do you envision your demeanor changing as a result of participating in the doctoral program?

    Nonverbal Communication is portrayed.

    The most important nonverbal communication in most relationships is? Is it body language, paralanguage, vocal interferences, spatial usage or self-presentation?