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The Western World's dependence on technology

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In the United States and much of the Western world since World War II, women have actually seen an increase in domestic work largely due to new technologies. Do you agree that technology has at times had a negative impact on women? Have women's interests been aided or hindered by technology? Elaborate.

Many experts assert that industrialization has essentially made us less independent and more closely connected to other people than ever before. What does she mean by that statement? Can you give historical examples to back up this position? If you disagree, explain why.

Dependence upon technology? Shouldn't technology work for us?

For example, the Internet has linked people all over the world. It allows for business transactions to be done from almost anywhere to almost anywhere. You can check your bank balance from across the globe. This has opened an electronic melting pot where different countries and cultures can come together in a single forum and interact with each other.

The Internet is a valuable tool that has changed the world. It has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry and will continue to be a driving force in global business. At the same time, this global interconnectedness comes with its own set of challenges when technology fails.

Theorist Ruth Cowan argues that technology increases our dependence on others. I would add that technology increases our dependence on technology. Would you agree? What examples come to mind? What about technology combined with marketing/advertising? Do we really need the latest flat screen TV, or do we become dependent upon it?

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This solution explores society's growing dependence on technology and just general lack of independence in all aspects of life. Additionally, the solution delves into some historical periods that reflects this growing dependence.

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Technology has not had a negative or positive effect on women in any specific forum. That means that it is not a gender specific in the negative aspect. The influx in technology had certainly altered interests in women and men. Women specifically have ventured into the science and technological field with more regularity than previous generations however. The increase of the necessity of knowledge in the technological field has prompted lessons of it from a young age. This allowing young ...

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