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Michael Jackson's lyrics and themes of African American literature

1) I am looking for ideas as to three songs from Michael Jackson in which the lyrics fit in with, and contribute to, African American literature as a genre. (I was thinking of "Black or White" and maybe "We Are the World", but am not sure if they apply or if there are three others I might be missing).

2) I am looking to see whether Jackson's work helps enhance the public's understanding of African American literature, and if so, how?

3) How does Jackson's three songs address the themes, concerns, issues of African American literature with such things as slavery, poverty, injustice, racism, how racism continues to circumscribe the ways African American people see themselves and treat one another, etc.

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Your study is interesting.

Some might question if Michael Jackson was solely (bad pun intended) an African American artist in that his music transcended racial, ethnic, social and global barriers, particularly in his mid-career phase.

Your two songs are considered two of his most transcending songs, particularly "We Are the World," which included singing by many popular artists worldwide in an effort to raise money for starving people in Africa. "Black or ...

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Michael Jackson's lyrics are analyzed in terms of how the musical themes reflect African American and social issues.