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    Michael Jackson's influence on pop culture

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    Discuss Michael Jackson and his influence on pop culture, including the controversy surrounding his life.

    Provide references in APA format.

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    Michael Jackson was an American recording artist who came to be known in the entertainment world to be known as the King of Pop. He has been recognized as one of the greatest entertainers in the history of humankind. He has substantially contributed to dance, music, and fashion.

    His contribution to pop culture has been phenomenon. Some of his videos have influenced the hand and body movements, positions and gestures in fashion and art (Halperin I, 2009). ...

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    This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to Michael Jackson's influence on pop culture. Points discussed include the influence of his music videos (such as 'Thriller' and 'Black and White") the controversies in his life (such as plastic surgery and child sex abuse). The explanation is given in 303 words. References are included in the solution.