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crisis situation

Discuss an event in the news some time during the past several years in which leaders were asked questions and had to respond with crisis communication strategies. These are often weather related (e.g., floods, fires, other disasters) but can also be crime- or corruption-related stories that are in the media. If necessary, do Internet searches to refresh your memory or find out more about the ways in which the leader(s) communicated during your selected event.

Describe the crisis situation.
Assess the use of crisis communication strategies by the leaders.
Which strategies were implemented? How well were these implemented? What strategies do you think they could have adopted to handle this situation better?

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Among the strategies used in the crisis of the shooting of Representative Giffords were honesty, clarification, contrition, and assurances. The sheriff of the county, Dupnik, went on the air and immediately began to clarify events of the shooting of the representative to Congress along with several others including a judge and nine-year-old girl who were killed. The killer attended a local public town meeting type of event where Representative Giffords was in attendance along with her aides and her supporters. He attempted to kill the Representative and in the effort killed six other people. In this public forum, with security on hand, state, local, and federal, this was an embarrassment in a state that was under scrutiny for blaming much of their crime problem on immigrants. The perpetrator in this case was white, male.

Sheriff Dupnik went ...

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A crisis situation is clearly exemplified as well as some strategies to combat the situation.