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"Free the children"

Look up Nancy Gibbs article called "Free the children" on the Internet.

What are some of the benefits of allowing children unsupervised free time during the summer?

Paragraphs 7 and 8, Gibbs uses recall to share specific experience involving one of her daughters. What is her point in using this anecdote? What does it contribute to essay?

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First off, I want to thank you for letting me read this article! I have 2 boys, and I struggle all the time with this. I, like many other parents, do feel pressure to schedule their every moment. But, when I was young, summer meant no schedule. I had a blast at home, hanging out, jumping through sprinklers, summer vacations where bedtime was non-existent...I wonder if any kids truly have this freedom anymore. Part of this is that as parents, we have to work through the summer to make ends meet. So, this means daycare and camps and nannies. Last summer and this summer, I am taking the month of July off just to be with them and have care-free time. I think it is the most worthwhile time in my year.

With that being said, the benefits to unsupervised time have been documented by many sources because it really does spur creativity. Creative minds come from thinking up new and inventive things to do! I remember playing with my dolls and we wanted new rooms for them, ...

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The benefits to unsupervised time during summer are debated.