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Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the United S

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Wilson, F., & Stimpson, J.. (2010). Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the United States, 1999 to 2008. American Journal of Public Health, 100(11), 2213-9. Retrieved February 1, 2011 from ProQuest.


For this assignment, you are asked to write a summary of a research article.

Purpose of the study: Sometimes the purpose is stated as an aim, an objective, or a goal. At other times, it is incorporated in a statement of a problem, leaving the reader to infer the purpose has a stated problem, a purpose, or both. If the purpose is inferred, you may state it in your own words.

Participants: The term â??participantâ? refers to the sample studied. Under this heading, you should include a description of ages, sexes, socio-economic status, school grade, mental level, number, and/or any other demographic characteristics given in the article to describe the particular sample used in the study.

Hypothesis: What is the hypothesis of the study? If the hypothesis is inferred,

Procedure: Sometimes the procedure is referred to as the â??methodâ? and includes a description of control techniques, measuring devices, materials used and ways of proceeding, in attempting to achieve the purpose or purposes of the study.

Statistical Tests: Identify the statistical tests used in the article; examples might be chi square (x2), t-test, f-test, Mann-Whitney, etc.

Results or Findings: These should be confined to actual data reported by the author of the study.

Conclusions: Conclusions are the generalizations that the author believes the results or findings justify.

Critique: Briefly describe your reaction to the article. For example, was it well-organized? Easy or difficult to understand (please explain why)? Did it present diverse perspectives about the topic? Don't limit yourself to just these questions -- be reflective about what you read.

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First, as you determine the purpose of the study, the authors, Wilson and Stimpson, aim to thoroughly explore how cell phone and texting usage trends strongly impacts the number of distracted driving fatalities.
Next, as you examine and describe participants, please note that age, race and gender issues were specific. For example, the study specifies how "Drivers in distracted fatal crashes were more likely to be male, White, non-Hispanic, and younger, but were less likely to have previous driving violations."

In terms of racial demographics, the study reveals how white drivers experienced a "72.9% in 2006 to 76.4% in 2008."

In terms of age demographics, the article also reveals that the percentage of distracted drivers ages 29 years and younger were targeted. As a result, "After 2003, this percentage increased, reaching 39% of distracted drivers in 2008."

The study also targets age by comparing drivers involved in nondistracted fatal crashes as "less likely to be younger than 30 years (32.8% vs 39.0% for distracted drivers), with an average age in ...

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"Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the United States" article is examined in terms of summary notes.

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