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Needs Analysis and the RFP Process

What is a needs analysis? Why must an organization conduct a needs analysis for an event? How does a needs analysis support the RFP process?

I need a 200 word response.

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A 'needs' analysis can be used to evaluate employees to measure their strengths and weaknesses and to determine if the employee meets the requirements of the organization to remain employed with the company. If an organization requires an independent contractor for a specific service a needs analysis is helpful in ensuring the contractor meets the minimum criteria for service. A needs analysis in an organization - 'involves looking at the internal environment of the organization, influences that could affect employee performance, and determining its fit with organizational goals and objectives' (Blanchard and Thacker, 2007).

A needs analysis is also a way that marketers can determine what products to implement in the marketplace. Bloggers, for example, develop articles based on a niche which in essence is based on a 'need' for content in a specific area. A needs analysis is used to meet consumer demand of a product. Innovative products are developed based on ...

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A needs analysis is examined. Why an organization conduct is required is determined.