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    Articles about talking and texting while driving

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    This solution offers 5 peer reviewed articles about talking and texting while driving.

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    As you locate sources, a recent one offers poignant insights:

    Pogue, D. (2013). Crash Text Dummies. Scientific American, 309(5), 32.

    Pogue reports that the apparent hazards of texting and driving are quite astronomical. In fact, "Studies tell us that hands or no hands, eyes on the screen or on the road, using a cell phone while driving causes more accidents than does the abuse of alcohol or drugs." Pogue further cites research from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute which studied people driving a closed course texting conditions. The results clearly validated that texting greatly hindered drivers' response times; they "...were significantly delayed no matter which texting method was used."

    The study also concludes that "In each case, drivers who were texting took about twice as long to react as they did otherwise. Incredibly, they also spent less time watching the road, even when they were texting by voice." ...

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