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    Arguments - Premises - Conclusion - Issues

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    Examine the 2 articles:
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    Assists with writing ideas for a response for each article in which you identify the major components of each article by considering the following questions:

    - What is the issue?
    - What are the stated and unstated premises?
    - What is the conclusion?
    - Explain your answer.

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    Arguments - Premises - Conclusion - Issues

    Medical Marijuana
    What is the issue?
    The issue is the side-effects of the legalization of marijuana in Montana. Initiative 148, also known as the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, was passed in 2004.
    What are the stated and unstated premises?
    The legalization of marijuana has led to criminal activity, deaths, violence and widespread corruption. Specific figures cited include the following. One doctor examined over 150 patients in a 14 hour space of time. This translates to one patient every 6 minutes. If marijuana were truly being dispensed for medical reasons, the doctor would have had to conduct an examination of the patient, document the patient's medical history, create a file for them, document their complaints, provide a written description of how and when to take the marijuana to alleviate the pain without causing addiction or harm. The doctor in question did none of these things.
    There have been a number of documented deaths that are typical of gang killings related to the drug trade surrounding legal marijuana.
    Corruption is a huge problem. In 2009 the number of registered "patients" using medical marijuana was 3,000. After federal prosecutors stopped prosecuting patients for fraud, on orders of President Obama, the number of registered patients jumped to 15,000. While Montana has only 1,000 drug stores in the state, it has over 5,000 registered caregivers who can dispense marijuana for medical reasons. Los Angeles has more outlets for dispensing marijuana than it has Starbucks.
    Big cities have disproportionate power in making state law that impacts the whole ...

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