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    The dangers of driving and talking on the phone

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    Research shows that drivers talking on the phone while driving, even with the use of a hands-free headset, are four times more likely to crash than non-chatters. Yet, many companies design jobs that encourage multi-tasking on the road. In addition to the safety hazards, what are some other drawbacks of multi-tasking while driving? What are the implications of those drawbacks for HR as it designs jobs?

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    Some of the disadvantages of multi-tasking in general are fatigue, stress, and pressure. Those who are multi-tasking are not focusing on any one task for very long and thus, their attention span is strained and their attention to detail is compromised. This can translate to the risks of multi-tasking while driving in the practice of texting or emailing while driving as well as talking on the phone. When we as humans are pulled in many directions, we are unable to give our full ...

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    Drawbacks of multitasking while driving, including talking on the phone and other examples. Drawbacks for HR in terms of job design as it relates to multitasking while driving. Over 300 words.