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    The Purpose of Scholarly Writing

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    Discuss the following:
    What is the purpose of scholarly writing? What are the key components of scholarly writing and how do these components help in achieving the purpose.

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    As you define the purpose of scholarly writing, I see it as a challenge to take one's argument, stance, position, or opinion about a topic and verify it using solid, substantial, valid sources or references.

    When considering the key components of scholarly writing, I like to teach to my students the concept of TAP=Tone Audience and Purpose. These components unify the writing and make it narrow and manageable enough for a writer to effectively express his or her assertions. The components help achieve the purpose by connecting to the audience or reader, using professional words to convince or inform in an educated ...

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    This solution is comprised of a 380 word response on the subject of scholarly writing which includes a discussion of what it is exactly, along with key concepts that need to be understood in order to achieve the overall objective when engaging in this writing technique. One creditable reference is also included for further information on this topic.


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