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Explication of four classes of categorization in Plato's Philebus.

This solution identifies the four classes under which "all things" can be categorized in Plato's Philebus. It goes on to explain under which class the following can be listed. a. the seasons and all the delights of life b. the qualities of high and low (degree) c. ra tio number and measure (quantification) d. the mind

Ineffective Leadership

Ineffective Leadership in Health Care Organization or in any organization in general (APA double space format). Can you give me some guidance on what to include in the body of my essay. Areas that I need to cover to be able to convey the thought of ineffective leadership? Other than ineffective communication, what other aspects

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

1) What is the historical accuracy of this book? 2) What are some examples of the inaccuracies that may exist in the book, since it is historical fiction, rather than a biography?

Business Memo

Prepare a memo to your supervisor requesting that your company sponsor your participation in a Business Writing course that is available at the local university. In your memo, provide your supervisor with justification for you taking the course, including an outline of the benefits the company will receive from your participatio

Role of health care administrator

Please discuss the role of health care administrator in "organizational compliance including licensing and institutional accreditation", "and concepts associated with risk management, abuse and fraud".

Black Elk Speaks

In at least 350 words, the following questions are addressed in this solution: What did the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman mean? In "Black Elk Speaks", what does it mean to be "so far away"? Who was standing bear? What did the bison mean to the Great Plains?

Unemployment Presentation Analysis

Analyzing your own presentation on unemployment. Include discussion on the following: - Your choice of topic, purpose, and intended audience - Your research sources - The flow of your outline - The appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids - The effectiveness of your presentation (Did you get your message acro

Analyze in-depth a Presentation with a PPT

Analyze in-depth the presentation and delivery of the attached PPT. Discuss the effectiveness of at least three of the following: the message the delivery the research sources the visual aids the "look" of the slides the overall flow

Analysis of Movies

I have to analyze the two following films: UP, Finding Nemo I have to analyze them in terms of the following: Point of view Mise-en-scene Zoom Shot Soundtrack Cut Special Effects Cinematography Visual Effects Film Editing

Business English Concepts

1) When e-mailing, what are some rules/guidelines with regard to Netiquette? 2) When e-mailing, what are some rules/guidelines with regard to Privacy? I am looking for original detail and examples/tips for both.

Resaerch on Nursing Field and Psychology

I have to research the Nursing field please help in order to answer these questions. some known facts will help as well. * Briefly describe the problem you have chosen from your field. In your description, cover the following questions: o What is the problem? o Whom does the problem affect?


Replicability is said to be one of the principal aspects of the scientific inquiry; why is this so? Why are peer-reviewed articles given more credence in academic circles? Do you believe this is good research practice? Explain your answer.

Drivers Education

I need help answering the following questions in regards to teens driving and using a cell phone/texting. Part 1: Identifiy the issue: 1. Why is this a problem, especially for teen drivers? 2. Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates. 3. How is one organization or group trying to solve this problem? Name group and

APA Format Question

A student has prepared the information presented below for her research paper. Please retype the sections to show the correct APA formats. The first sentence, the quotation, and the reference should be modified to show the correct presentation according to the current version of the APA manual. According to Stallings a nomad

Evaluate the transition from a book to film Jurassic Park

Evaluate the transition from a book to film of "Jurassic Park" Identify and describe the main features of film language and grammar, types of shot, camera movement and sound. Visual elements of the film. Did the book's images translate well into film. Comment on the similarities and differences between the main themes

Argumentative Essay on Voting Age

Write a paper of no more than one page (and, preferably, no more than one paragraph) that presents an argument for a stance you hold. The stance here is Voting Age. In other words, compose an argument where you want to persuade another to adopt the position you have on a topic.

Identification of the thesis in the story "Rapunzel"

Identifying the thesis of the Brother's Grimm's story Rapunzel. Website used is http://www.nationalgeographic.com/grimm/index2.html Please use this as a reference here were once a man and a woman who had long in vain wished for a child. At length the woman hoped that God was about to grant her desire. These people h

Article Summary

Summarize the following: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/12/business/12lexus.html Lexus, a Toyota Brand, Avoids Taint From Recalls By NICK BUNKLEY Published: March 11, 2010 It has been a rough few months for Toyota because of its three big safety recalls. But the automaker's luxury division, Lexus, appears to h

A Presentation on Career Choice

The student needs to develop a speech about a certain career. This speech should be organized in an introduction, body and conclusion. What ideas should the student cover in the speech? What type of speech the student can give? What attention grabber the student may use? What support of ideas the student needs to have a success

A Career Speech

How can you write a speech about a career ? The speech will be the backbone of a 10-minute presentation. The speech should have an introduction, body and a conclusion.

academic dishonesty

I need help writing a paper on academic dishonesty. If you provide me with any information please ensure it's not plagiarized thank you so much. To include definition of plagiarism? how to avoid it? and how to properly reference?


Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on the subject of oral presentation best practices. o Utilize information gathered from your text and online resources. o Include, but do not limit content, to slide-formatting, organization, and presentation skills.

essay on inneffective leadership

I need to write an essay regarding challenges of ineffective leadership. Can you suggest a way for me how to get this topic going?

How to write an abstract for a Racial Discrimination Article

Could you help me to figure out how to write an abstract? I need to write an abstract for the following article: http://www.epi.org/economic_snapshots/entry/webfeatures_snapshots_archive_09172003/ "Racial discrimination continues to play a part in hiring decisions "

Summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting

Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Quoting Divakaruni's "Live Free and Starve" Acknowledge the author/title/publication date in the "lead" sentence; Reference the author appropriately within the paragraphs and close the paragraphs with a Parenthetical Reference [PR] (Divakaruni, 1997). Set up three distinct paragraphs