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Callicles' declarations about human passions and desires

Has anyone reviewed "Callicles' declarations about human passions and desires." If so, briefly outline his position as regards ethical and social responsibility. Identify the importance of these responsibilities in your own words

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It sounds like you are studying Socrates. Callicles says the following (in a nutshell) about desires: he believes that people should have all sorts of sensual desires and, instead of trying to suppress or moderate them, we should let them grow as strong as possible. When our desires and passions have hit very high, almost obsessive, levels, we should satisfy them to the hilt. This policy, Callicles believes, will give us the maximum happiness possible.

Now, Socrates has objections to this idea, as you might imagine. He asks Callicles about the virtue of self-restraint and self-control. Callicles thinks this counterargument is stupid. He retorts that people cannot be happy if they are enslaved to ...

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Callicles' declarations about human passions and desires are synthesized.