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Resaercg on Nursing Field and Psychology

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I have to research the Nursing field please help in order to answer these questions. some known facts will help as well.
* Briefly describe the problem you have chosen from your field. In your description, cover the following questions:
o What is the problem?
o Whom does the problem affect?
o How long has the problem existed?
o What are the consequences/effects of the problem?
* Identify the intended audience of your Touchstone Project, and address the following questions:
o What does this audience know about the problem?
o What questions or concerns does your audience have regarding the problem?
o Why is your problem important to your audience?
o What is your research plan? Describe it in detail.
o What research strategies and tools will you use to learn more about your problem?
o How will you evaluate your sources?
o What question do you hope your research will help you answer?
* Briefly identify your working solution to the problem. How might your working solution solve the problem? Be sure to note that your working solution will evolve through continued research and analysis.

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The solution discusses the relationship between nursing and psychology and how the nursing field could benefit from learning more about psychology.

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Research on Nursing and Psychology

You could discuss the relationship between nursing and psychology and how the nursing field could benefit from learning more about psychology. This could be the problem, if I understand the assignment. You could then address the following considerations and suggest more research to prove this theory. And check your nursing journals or school library, like EBSCO, which is an academic and professional journal resource. You can copy the live link, if needed.

Nurses can benefit from taking psychology courses, as both fields interact with each other. Nursing focuses on helping individuals with their health and medical recovery. Psychology on the other hand is the study of mental processes and behavior. Understanding these processes will help nurse help people recover from health problems by also being able to understand their emotions and how emotions affect their health.

Pain management is a field that encompasses both fields. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, says that the brain's ability to affect the body has been scientifically proven. A positive attitude can boost the immune system and contribute to physical health and recovery from trauma (Benson, 1975).

Trauma may result in altered neurofunctioning. The client or patient may have post traumatic and acute ...

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