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Job interview request

Write an email requesting an interview with a professional in Petroleum engineer. content: the content of your email should demonstrate critical thinking about your audience and purpose:Who are you talking to? what do you want from him/her? Think about what information you ned to include, in what order you should present it,


The advent of the Internet and, more specifically, the World Wide Web, has changed the concept of the value of information. Much information that used to be charged for (e.g., product catalogs and technical papers) is now free at the click of a mouse button. Other information that was normally free (e.g., magazine and newspaper

Bibliography using MLA style

Can you provide me with examples of a bibliographic style using MLA (i.e., how to reference a book, encyclopedia article, newspaper, magazine, or journal article, book review, film, movie, & Internet sources)? Thanks.

Tips to alleviate public speaking anxiety are included.

Many people (even professionals) experience anxiety before giving speeches. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to overcome it. This solution offers ideas for ways to relax and reduce anxiety before you give a speech.


Can you think of any company that exists without customers?

Compare and Contrast Essay

Can you provide me with a step-by-step guide showing me how to approach a compare and contrast essay? I'm not sure of how to write up the bibliography, so could you included examples of various types of references (on-line, books, articles, etc.) also. Thanks.


Can you check these for me. 1 Sam had been working for ten hours when he fell asleep. 2 Sue has been swimming since she was young. 3 Despite his weight problem, Joe has been eating fatty food and chocolate since his return to England. 4 When i arrived, they'd been waiting for twenty minutes. 5 When the company went bust, i'

GERUND help is given.

Help with gerunds is noted. 1 Bryan intends seeing you immediately. 2,I'm going to write a story. 3.I will continue living in my house until June. 4.Linda was washing up when i saw her last. 5.I've got a bad headache and i'm feeling sick. 6.When James is playing music he's happy. 7.He advised applying for the job at onc

Presenting grammatical structures CONCEPT QUESTIONS.

Presenting grammatical structures. CONCEPT QUESTIONS. Checking understanding. Example “I am going to the cinema” I can ask the concept question, When are you going to the cinema? Or is this a definite plan? Which questions are USEFUL U

Recognizing Subjects and Verbs in Simple Sentences

Questions for study guide Subject lines and verbs. Distinguishing between dependant and independant clauses. Compound Subjects, Compound Verbs and independant sentences. Please see attachment for all questions in detail.

Tenses checking my work is correct

Have I got the correct plural and grammar. 1. The boy's toy. The boys'toys. 2. The child's parent. The childrens parents. 3. The girl's school. The girls' schools. 4. The country's leader. The countries leader's. 5. The woman's hat. The woman's hats. Pronoun Subclass 1. These books are mine. mine Possess

English Writing

Please describe for me, in your own words, what it means to be creative. Include the website(s) address where you found the information so that I can do my own research on the topic. Please write at least a page or two. Thanks.

Sentence structure is modeled.


World litterature

Indicate if the following statements are true or not: 1) Antigone and ISmene are daughters of crean 2) Oedepus was the king of Corinth 3) Polybus and Merope are Odedipus biological parents 4) The riddle that Oedepus sovlved satted that he would marry his mother and kill his father

Punctuation etc

What do have to change to correct the sentence? He took the womans hat and hid it in the men's room. a) correct b) change men's to mens' c) change womans to woman's d) womans to woman's and men's to mens' Is c the correct answer?


She whispered, "Are you sure you love me?" a) correct b) Place ? mark outside end quotations c) remove , d) Place ? outside end quotations and remove , I think a) is correct, am I correct in my statement?


What needs to be done to correct the following sentence? Have you read the article entitled, " Increase Your Vocabulary?" a) correct b) remove , after entitled and place the ? outside the end quotation marks. c) remove , after entitled d) Underline the title of the article


What needs to be done to correct the following sentence? Do you know who said, "Genius is an immense capacity for hard work"? a) correct b) ? inside the final quotation c) change , to ; d) Change ? to a . My answer would be a) correct?


Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) Did the novelist, Ernest Hemingway once live here? b) Did the novelist, Ernest Hemingway, once live here? c) Did the novelist, Ernest Hemingway, once live here. d) Did the novelist Ernest Hemingway once live here? Is b) correct?


What needs to be done to correct the following sentence? Just what would you do, Cheryl, if the situation were reversed? a) correct b) remove , before Cheryl c) Remove , after Cheryl d) replace , after Cheryl with a semicolon Is b) correct?


One of these ___ duties is to keep a record of all ___ wages. a) agency's employee's b) agencies' employees' c) agency's employees d) agencies' employees Is the answer b)?


Jay and Jaylene have four brothers. All four have a poor work ethic. Therefore, Jay and Jaylene ____ pleased with any of their _____ work habits. a) are'nt brother's b) aren't brothers' c) aren't brother's d) are'nt brothers' My thinking is b, correct?


The case against the Dallas based company was handled in Seattle. a) Correct b) Add hyphen after Dallas and after based c) Add hyphen after Dallas and a comma after company d) Add hyphen after Dallas My guess would be: C) is this correct?


A first class employee is: dependable, loyal, and efficient. a) Add a hyphen after first b) Replace the colon with a , c) Remove the colon d) Remove the colon and add a hyphen after first. I would think c) correct?

What needs to be done to correct the following sentence?

Queen Mary wanted her death to be remembered, therefore, she staged a pageant. a) Remove , after therefore b) Change , after remembered to a semicolon c) Change , after remembered to a semicolon and add , after Mary d) Remove , after remembered My asnwer would be c) correct?


Correct punctuation a) The new machine, which I haven't even learned to operate yet,is out of order. b) The new machine, which I haven't even learned to operate yet is out of order. c) The new machine which I haven't even learned to operate yet,is out of order. d) The new machine which I haven't even learned, to operat