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Learning styles are compared.

In preparation for this assignment, complete the Multiple Pathways to Learning and the Personality Spectrum assessments located on your student Web site. Based on your findings from these assessments, develop strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively within a group of individuals with different learning styles a

Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Communication

What are the advantages and disadvantages to the use of each of these media for communication in the business workplace? For each, identify at least one communication situation for which this medium is 'ideal' and at least one other for which it does not work well at all. 1. Professional conference, large group (in person).

Social Intelligence

The solution highlights the various forms of social intelligence and the leaders who use it. I used laymen's terms in my research to better assist you with this subject. Each form of the five social intelligences are discussed with examples of those who have this intelligence and a compare and contrast of social intelligence.

Guidelines for Reporting to an IT Department

These are suggested guidelines for IT department reporting. Would you please help make this standard by putting your thoughts and opinion. It assists in grammar/sentence construction and flow as well as organization of material. Please feel free to add anything in order to make this corporate standard. Key technical terms.

Passage paraphrasing is demonstrated.

Paraphrase the following short passages. Passage 1 Aggressive driving is characterized by the tendency to view driving as a competition rather than as a means of getting from one place to another. While most drivers are content to move along with the flow of traffic, aggressive drivers weave from lane to lane, s

Writing types are compared.

Explain how reading, critical thinking, and writing relate to one another. What do you believe differentiates academic writing from other types of writing?

Job choices are assessed.

This job is achieved: Think of a situation when the outcome was a result of your choices or decisions, but did not turn out as you expected. Did you follow a logical process of analysis based on relevant questions? Did your questions direct your thoughts? Did those thoughts direct your actions? What questions would you ask if

Language and culture are correlated.

The differences in the way language is used in different cultures or the ways in which the language reflects the culture and its worldview are articulated briefly.

Mock interview questions are posed.

Imagine that you are being interviewed by a graduating high school senior (or college senior). This young person wants advice: he or she wants a job like yours "What do I have to do? What is the most important advice you can give me?" he (or she) is asking. "Was there an element of luck in your career choice and/or success

Overuse of PowerPoint?

Can you help me out with this? Here is Edward Tufte's critique of PowerPoint http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/ppt2.html If you believe PowerPoint has been overdone, what do you recommend instead?

lies and how they harm individuals and organizations

Just need some assistance here... Read the following: ? Mazur, T. (1993) Lying. Issues in Ethics, (6)1. http://www.scu.edu/ethics/publications/iie/v6n1/lying.html Lying is a form of persuasion. Think of an example from your own, first-hand business, workplace or professional experience when someone lied to you. Do NO

Conflict in the workplace is examined.

Can you get me started on this? One reading is an abstract from an article about e-mail as a source of conflict. Think of an example from your own workplace experience where some form of message created a conflict, crisis or problem. Use only examples from business, profession or workplace - NOT family or friends. The message

Mastering a Skill

I need help considering a skill not many people have but can benefit from mastering. Why would people benefit from having this skill and what are the consequences for not having this skill? I need to persuade my instuctor that all people should have this skill.

Reality TV Speech

Ideas for a persuasive speech about the positive effects of reality TV are listed.

The Science of Oreos

I need some ideas for a scientific paper and a hypothesis on Oreo cookies. Can be anything-funny-strange-why this or that-whatever-Don't necessarily need a paper but ideas in passive voice of course, and any references. I am just short on time.


1. Defind Plagiarism in your own words 2. Differences between summarizing, paraphrasing, and plagiarizing. 3. How do you avoid plagiarism in your college work?


Provide an outline for an essay on self-disclosure that includes: i) In what type of situation would you self-disclose personal information? Explain? ii)Does the type of relationship dictate the level of self-disclosure? Why or why not? iii)What affects can self-disclosure have on personal relationships? iv)When wo

Group communication is overviewed.

I describe the following concepts: supportive and defensive communication climates, comfirming and disconfirming responses, cohesiveness, active listening, and verbal and non-verbal dynamics.

This job briefly illustrates perception checking.

Since one of the ways of improving interpersonal relationships and communication skills is through perception checking. This job offers ideas related to these issues: (1) "Why are you mad at me?" (Who said you were?) (2) "What's the matter with you?" (Who said anything was the matter?) (3) "Come on now. Tell the

The purpose of the hidden agenda

This job briefly describes the purpose of the hidden agenda. It offers a situation in which a hidden agenda might influence group communication to illustrate. Research is also listed to justify assertions.

Revising, editing and proofreading actions are debated.

This job contemplates why a writer should devote one-third of his or her time to revising, editing, and proofreading. Why are revising, editing, and proofreading so important? What is the difference among the three terms? These questions are considered.

Help is given with communication theories.

This job offers help to complete the Communication Theories Matrix. It offers notes to define the theory, lists its main principles of the theory, offers real world theory examples, and applies each theory to virtual communication. It also cites resources for students' references.

Using Punctuation in APA

Please select three tips from www.apastyle.org/previoustips.html. Summarize them and explain why they are important and helpful.