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I need some ideas and help for an Comparison Essay I have to write

I am stuck on a paper I have to write in my Freshmen College English class. The topic of the paper is as follows: Compare/Contrast at least one element of fiction in at least stories. You can choose either formal element- such as setting, characters, narrator, or plot- or a theme, such as adolescence or black people's soci

Narration/Description Essay

This document teaches you, step by step, how to write a narrative or descriptive essay, including a sample thesis sentence and topic sentences.

Jean-Paul Satre's quotes are paraphrased.

These quotes are explained: -"Suffering is justified as soon as it becomes the raw material of beauty." ."Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth." Then, my next question is, can these two quotes be related to the dead animals being exhibited in museums? Are there any relevation whatsoever?

What is an example of presymbolic communication among animals?

I have searched online and dozens of sites and can't find a thing to define presymbolic communication among animals. I can find tons on symbolic, but nothing on presymbolic. Please help. I also need to get info on the differnces between animal and human communication. Thanks.

FALLACY- Misapplied Euphemisms, Band Wagon, Appeal to Fear, and Nonfallacious

In this section, look for arguments that are Misapplied Euphemisms, Band Wagon, Appeal to Fear, and Nonfallacious. 1) It was announced today that our troops, who have been shelled for some weeks now in Lebanon, have made a strategic transfer to their ships offshore of that country. 2) In China, Europe, and Brazil, efforts

Images in Ann Beattie's text

Beattie says in this story, "Seconds and symbols are left to sum things up." What symbols do you see in this story? What do they sum up? For example, is the snow a symbol? What does it symbolize for you? What does the cover of the pool symbolize? Could the chipmunk be a symbol? For what?

APA format and How to Write a Research Paper

This document gives a break down of the process of writing a research paper in APA format. It goes through Research, outlining, body, intro, conclusion, intext citations, direct and nondirect quotations, and formatting of the references page.

Phaedra (Jean Racine's) vs. Emma (Gustave Flaubert)

I've been asked to compare and contrast the character of Pheadra from Jean Racine's play "Pheadra" and the character of Emma from Gustave Flaubert's novel "Madame Bovary". I am still not clear on what the differences and similarities are between the two characters. Please help. Thank You.

I need help with prepositions and vocabulary.

Question 1 Put correct preposition in the blank. 1. chicken ___ from going down the ski hill (meaning: lose courage) 2. pig ___ the restaurant (meaning: eat too much) 3. make ____ in the park (meaning: kiss passionately) 4. pick ___ a woman at a nightclub (meaning: ask for a date) 5. make ___ a white lie (meaning: create)

Managerial Communication strategies are included.

Using the attached case study, please answer the following questions: 1. When did the first signs of communication problems surface at Carter's? What caused them? 2. What does Fred Carter need to understand about organizational culture so that he does not find himself in this position again? 3. Analyze this case in ter

English Language Questions

I'm researching different native speaking English dialects and I need some help. Attached are some basic grammar/language questions designed to be answered by people whose first language is English. Please answer the questions and add any comments or critique you think important.

Active/Passive Voice

I have been asked to rewrite the following in the active voice: Whenever new positions are advertised in this organisation, few qualified people apply. Important posts have to be filled in other ways and talented employees are rarely recruited. A culture of inequality exists, which means the company does not get the best out

Report Writing

Discuss how to state problems in report writing. What are the purposes of 'short form' versus 'long form' problem statements? What is similar / different between the two forms?

Critical analysis help - how to begin and what to write

I need to write a critical analysis paper on the theme going against "the man" (authority) that is presented in Ken Kelsey's novel "one flew over the cuckoos nest." I need to talk about how his personal life affected what he wrote and the symbolisms in the book. I'm not sure where to begin, how to proceed and the only thing I ca

Job interview request

Write an email requesting an interview with a professional in Petroleum engineer. content: the content of your email should demonstrate critical thinking about your audience and purpose:Who are you talking to? what do you want from him/her? Think about what information you ned to include, in what order you should present it,


The advent of the Internet and, more specifically, the World Wide Web, has changed the concept of the value of information. Much information that used to be charged for (e.g., product catalogs and technical papers) is now free at the click of a mouse button. Other information that was normally free (e.g., magazine and newspaper

Bibliography using MLA style

Can you provide me with examples of a bibliographic style using MLA (i.e., how to reference a book, encyclopedia article, newspaper, magazine, or journal article, book review, film, movie, & Internet sources)? Thanks.

Tips to alleviate public speaking anxiety are included.

Many people (even professionals) experience anxiety before giving speeches. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to overcome it. This solution offers ideas for ways to relax and reduce anxiety before you give a speech.


Can you think of any company that exists without customers?

Compare and Contrast Essay

Can you provide me with a step-by-step guide showing me how to approach a compare and contrast essay? I'm not sure of how to write up the bibliography, so could you included examples of various types of references (on-line, books, articles, etc.) also. Thanks.


Can you check these for me. 1 Sam had been working for ten hours when he fell asleep. 2 Sue has been swimming since she was young. 3 Despite his weight problem, Joe has been eating fatty food and chocolate since his return to England. 4 When i arrived, they'd been waiting for twenty minutes. 5 When the company went bust, i'

GERUND help is given.

Help with gerunds is noted. 1 Bryan intends seeing you immediately. 2,I'm going to write a story. 3.I will continue living in my house until June. 4.Linda was washing up when i saw her last. 5.I've got a bad headache and i'm feeling sick. 6.When James is playing music he's happy. 7.He advised applying for the job at onc

Presenting grammatical structures CONCEPT QUESTIONS.

Presenting grammatical structures. CONCEPT QUESTIONS. Checking understanding. Example “I am going to the cinema” I can ask the concept question, When are you going to the cinema? Or is this a definite plan? Which questions are USEFUL U