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perception checking

Since one of the ways of improving interpersonal relationships and communication skills is through perception checking. This job offers ideas related to these issues:

(1) "Why are you mad at me?" (Who said you were?)

(2) "What's the matter with you?" (Who said anything was the matter?)

(3) "Come on now. Tell the truth." (Who said you were lying?)

ii) The skill of perception checking provides a better way to handle interpretations. A complete perception check has three parts:

(1) A description of the noticed behavior

(2) At least two possible interpretations of the behavior

(3) A request for clarification about how to interpret the behavior

iii) describe in detail a life situation where a complete perception check was used. Answer the following questions:

(1) What specific behaviors did you notice?

(2) What words, if any, did the other person use?

(3) What was your first interpretation of the behavior?

(4) What was your second interpretation of the behavior?

(5) How did you ask for clarification?

(6) Was your interpretation of the behavior correct?

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As you check your perception, please allow some of my notes to help.
As you describe a life situation where a complete perception check was used and answer the following questions, I offer my life situation to mode for you.

As you assess what specific behaviors did you notice, I noticed that the other person was avoiding me, giving off negative vibes through frowns, crossed arms, and negative, closed body language.

As you list what words, if any, did the other person use, he used ...

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