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Self-Disclosure Essay Outline

Provide an outline for an essay on self-disclosure that includes:

i) In what type of situation would you self-disclose personal information? Explain?

ii)Does the type of relationship dictate the level of self-disclosure? Why or why not?

iii)What affects can self-disclosure have on personal relationships?

iv)When would self-disclosure be used negatively against someone? Explain.

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Here is a suggested outline for your essay:

I. Introduction
A. Define self-disclosure. What is it? How is it defined?
1. It is basically the act of providing another with personal information about yourself that they would not normally find out.
2. You may want to reference your class textbook and how the author(s) defines the term
B. Functions of Self-Disclosure
1. What is the purpose? It helps us build relationships and trust, gain and share information, feel understood, understand yourself more fully, and increases self-esteem (ideally).
2. You could consider adding a quote from someone about disclosure or secrets or how they feel about it, as a way to catch readers' attention in the introduction.
C. Johari Window
1. Depending on the requirements for the length of your paper, you might also want to include a discussion of this way of viewing self-disclosure. It divides self-disclosure into 4 categories:
a. known to self and others
b. known to self and not to others
c. unknown to self, but to others
d. unknown to self and others
2. Some of the windows are easier to disclose than others. Information from category b, for example, will be easier ...

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