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Help with an analytical essay is given.

These areas are considered: 1.Choose a tense or exciting moment in Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun. 2.What literary device or convention did the author use to develop that moment? 3.What do you think Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun imply about Sophocles' and Lorraine Hansberry's cultural identities? 4. Analyze th

How to decide on a topic for an essay

Think of a topic for an essay and then do the following: Determine the purpose of the paper. Develop a thesis. Select details which support the thesis. Outline the paper including supporting details. Conduct a library search for source material. Prepare an APA style reference list. For this assignment, you are no

Job opportunities in Greece are resesearched.

These areas are uncovered: Suppose you had to write a paper on job opportunities in Greece. What search technique(s) did you use? What Web site(s) did you visit? Comment on the effectiveness of strategies and the reliability of the information found.

Validity and Accuracy

Explain what the difference is between validity and accuracy? References are provided.

6 Comma Rules

Knowing when to use a comma is necessary when writing papers, essays and other forms of writing. Here are 6 comma rules that are easy to understand complete with examples.

Press release

This scenario is debated: You have been asked by the CEO of your company to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for sales representatives on the new wonder drug for AIDS that your company has patented. Since competing pharmaceutical companies have commented to the press that your drug is very high in steroids, you have to convi

External Communications

This scenario is listed: You are the chairperson of an IT company. Your company has come up with a new software which, according to the project manager, is sure to revolutionize the industry. You want to enhance the corporate image by communicating with the external public.

Corporation Identity

Please help. Thank you. What types of companies would benefit the most from print media as a way to market their product. Why? "Identity what kinds of things will affect the corporate image of the company and how they are impacted." Do company stakeholders affect the reputation of a company? Give an example where you th

Summary skills

These areas are emphasized: 1. How to incorporate the use of direct quotations, paraphrasing, and summarizing into your writing and the importance of using each one. 2. Summarization of the use and order of an APA reference list.

Ideas Related to Corporate Communications

Help with this scenario is given: You are working in the corporate communications division of a manufacturing company. You are about to launch a shampoo in the market that will revolutionize the concept of hair care.

Cultural Disparities

This scenario is debated: You are working as a Human Resources Manager, and have recently appointed four extremely brilliant people from China, India, Japan, and Malaysia to work in your company. They are not familiar with American culture and are finding it difficult to work in an American organization with an informal struc

Strategic Communications

This scenario is given: 1) The CEO of a carpet manufacturing company has come up with a brilliant idea of making a collage out of waste carpet pieces and marketing it as wall art. The CEO feels that customers appreciate fresh ideas and will be willing to buy anything that comes with a label of new, creative or innovative. You

This posting contemplates the success of corporations.

This posting helps with these questions: 1) Do you agree that the success of corporations rests in their ability to communicate effectively to convince stakeholders of their point of view and persuade them to respond in a desired manner? 2) Should relationships and communication patterns differ with different categories of

Political Correctness and Multiculturalism

Critics of multiculturalism define the term "political correctness" as the inclusion of views/philosophies/works of literature as a form of "indoctrination" into the "correct" point-of-view. Some suggest that the term is simply a backlash against diverse groups. Still others say that "political correctness" is nothing more than

A discussion intergroup relations in the workplace occurs.

This posting discusses the following quote by authors Renee Blank and Sandra Slipp from the text Voices of Diversity: "There is an inherent conflict in considering workforce diversity because of the need to see each worker as an individual and as a member of a group."

Perception of Color

Society's perception of color may reveal a poignant cultural filter, why do you think so? a) For example: A simple glance through the dictionary tells us that our language uncovers a prescribed set of assumptions. The following are among the definitions in Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary of "black," "white," "man,

Case study assessment is given.

These areas are emphasized: 1) Write a case study about an organization where you used to work. Describe what is produced by this organization, the organizational hierarchy, whether this type of structure is effective, and a specific problem this organization needed to resolve. Also include how this agency went about solving

Observation and case studies

Please help with these few questions. 1. Do you think that observations provides better information than interviews? 2. Since case studies are an analysis of only one situation/ event and cannot be replicated, can they really add any value to a research project? 3. Do you think deriving meaning and drawing inferences

Word Association

This is not homework. I am curious: If develop is to assess, then train is to: measure, change, move, or educate If performance is to completion then, energy is to: action, inertia, rest, maintain If response is to stimuli then, reaction is to: ability, event, movement, or time If convent is to cloister, then eyr

Cardozo High School

I need help writing a short critique on this. Danielle Chappell had no reason to doubt she was a solid student. She earned decent grades, even scoring some A's in English and math, while balancing schoolwork with basketball, track and a spot on the dance team. Then she graduated from Cardozo High School and arrived at the

These questions about authorship are emphasized.

What or who is an author? What does it mean to create something? What is plagiarism? Why is it important to cite your sources (tell others whose intellectual property you used) when writing or doing other kinds of research? List all the possible reasons you can think of. How might downloading unlicensed copies of music,