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Military study

These areas are emphasized:

1) Write a case study about an organization where you used to work. Describe what is produced by this organization, the organizational hierarchy, whether this type of structure is effective, and a specific problem this organization needed to resolve. Also include how this agency went about solving this problem, who was involved in solving the problem, and what the final outcome was.

2)Attend a community meeting that you are not regularly a part of - city council, transit board, school board, etc. Take notes about the process of the meeting paying particular attention to the kinds of things that tend to make you feel excluded from this meeting. For example, do others seem to visit with each other, do some people sit up higher than others, is there a list you need to get on to speak, etc. Then apply this to your organization and how new employees may feel excluded based on how they are treated.

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Please allow my ideas to help you to create your case study. Once it is written, please send for editing and feedback. Since I do not know your exact class theories or job background, I offer ideas for you to use as a model:

First, I worked for a governmental organization for five years. During my tenure, this organization tried to create disciplined, organized, and educated personnel since it was associated with the U.S. military. As a result, I would classify the organizational hierarchy as linear and very traditional. Orders and briefings were delivered from top levels downward. Although this type of structure was effective for maintaining discipline, a chain of command, and respect, it did not promote effective collaboration or ...

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This posting examines a case study about the military.