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    Case Study: Cognitive Rehabilitation Program Sample

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    Please help. I need assistance to complete the following assignment-

    Write 1050-1400 words about hospital programs that employ behavioral and/or cognitive interventions or models. Some areas to explore:

    What population participates in the program?
    Who presents the program or interventions?
    How is the effectiveness of their interventions measured?
    How did they determine a need for the program?
    Do they have plans for other programs or interventions which use behavioral or cognitive models and techniques?
    What other models and theories are represented in their programs?

    Briefly describe your reactions and feelings about the program.

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    Dear Student,
    Your solution below adapts as its case study a TBI program by the US Military. Use the reference link to expand the solution. Do not forget to include your set of references from your course syllabus when creating your final solution to make the ideas in the solution below relevant to your current study materials.Good Luck!

    OTA 105878

    Defining Cognitive Intervention

    At its very core, cognitive interventions are a set of techniques used in therapies & counselling based on the science of cognitive psychology aimed at influencing or changing problematic behaviours or affecting the state of the patient/subject for behavioural modification. Cognitive Psychology is a specialized branch of said science that studies the workings of mental processes such as problem solving, memory & language. Cognitivism, as the theory & practice is known, seeks to explain how people understand, diagnose & solve problems, looking at the cause & effect relationship of stimulus & the corresponding reaction to it. Based on the Gestalt psychology theories of Wertheirmer, Köhler, Koffka & Piaget (whose cognitive research on child development became invaluable in understanding the incremental changes in ability & cognition), the practice provides two rules on cognitive solutions through intervention: Algorithms & Heuristics. These solutions are seen as 'rules', the first are rules that are not fully understood, they however guarantee a solution. The reason why they are not fully understood as yet is due to the fact that they are not fully explored or explained due to their complexity. Heuristics on the other hand are rules that are already explored & understood. Practicing them however does not always guarantee a solution. In Cognitive interventions though, a close study of the subjects result to insights that allow solutions to present itself, with the solution unique to the case.

    Case Study: The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program for Traumatic Brain ...

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    The solution explores as a sample case study The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program for Traumatic Brain Injury by the US Military conducted at The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, the Defense and Veterans Head Injury Program at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation in Rockville, Maryland & the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda. It takes into account all the necessary details asked for according to the original post (see problem) and is written following the APA format. A word version is attached for easy printing.