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    article synopsis

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    Need help to write a one page summary of this article

    Please reword in own words if paraphrase please include reference in paragraphs and please include in text, citation, and please provide reference list. Please in APA format.

    Thank you your help is greatly needed!

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    1. Need help to write a one page summary of this article.

    In the article, Qualitative exploration of a client-centered, goal-directed approach to community-based occupational therapy for adults with traumatic brain injury (Doig, Fleming, Cornwell & Kuipers, 2009), the authors explored "the clinical application of goal-directed therapy in community-based rehabilitation from the perspective of clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), their significant others, and their treating occupational therapists" (p. 559).

    The authors stated that the purpose of this study was "to gain further insight into the benefits and challenges of this process" (Doig, Fleming, Cornwell & Kuipers, 2009, p. 561).

    The sample included 12 people with TBI and 10 of ...

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